Triple Flame Activation

Release Negative Energy

Relax Into Inner Peace


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Purify your energy field and take the first step in your accelerated soul evolution journey.

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Powerful Energy Medicine

This 40-minute transformational meditation guides you to call forth the same energy used by historical
"miracle workers" for healing and well-being.

Annihilate Anxiety

Transform heavy emotions into love. A white-light aura attracts grace and ease. 

Neutralize Negativity

Clears negative thoughts and worries, instantly raising your outlook, spirits and vibe.

Energize Body

Opens energy pathways distributing life force energy to increase immune, health and vitality.

Relax Into Peace

Purifies your aura, raises your vibe, calms emotions, quiets your mind and deep peace washes over you.

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About The Triple Flame Activation

With all the trauma and drama going on in the world, people want to know what they can do to clear themselves of the heavy thoughts and emotions that are weighing them down.

New students often ask, "How can I stay positive when there is so much negativity and chaos in the world?

The Triple Flame Activation can help.

The Solution

The Triple Flame energy is a synergistic blend of Pure Love, Pure Wisdom and Pure Creative Power. It's the same healing energy "miracle workers" have used throughout the ages. 

During the guided meditation, Suzanna leads you invoke and circulate this healing energy throughout your body and energy field. 

The Science

Dr. William Braud and Rosemarie Anderson, pioneers of mind-body healing research, conducted hundreds of experiments.  They discovered that all successful mind-body healing methods include: 1) Relaxation 2) Visualization 3) Intention 4) High Frequency Energy.

The Consciousness 2.0 Technology Suzanna uses in the Triple Flame Activation includes all four of these essential components harmonized in a unique way. She guides you step-by-step, to circulate the high-frequency Triple Flame throughout your body.

Just relax and listen to Suzanna's soft and nurturing voice. This guided meditation works even if you have no prior success with meditation.

The Results

The Triple Flame Activation purifies your aura and raises your vibrational frequency. The higher your frequency, the easier and more joyful your life will be. Plus raising your vibration makes you healthier and moves you forward on your soul evolution.

Plus the Triple Flame Activation also clears your heavy thoughts and emotions, energizes your body and relaxes you into peace. 

Suzanna Kennedy

Suzanna was enjoying a successful career as a corporate business consultant in Detroit, specializing the training and performance solutions. In 1997, Suzanna experienced a spontaneous consciousness awakening that changed her life completely.

With her new level of consciousness, she has been able to tap into the Universal Intelligence and access information, wisdom and technology to serve humanity in these changing times.

She is recognized as an expert in accelerated soul evolution  and the author of the book Sacred Union: Ascending To A 5D Reality.

Suzanna is a shining example of conscious manifestation. he created her personal paradise in Hawaii and attracted her Sacred Union Partner and husband. They've been enjoying a 5D lifestyle together for 20+ years.

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