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Reality Crafting with Suzanna is your #1 resource for learning how to consciously create your version of Paradise on Earth. This podcast explores the link between thoughts and beliefs, emotions and behaviors and the impact they have on your health, wealth, love and spiritual connection.

Every episode is dedicated to awakening your true purpose and power of your human creativity. Get answers to your questions about what’s hidden in your subconscious mind that’s causing resistance to what your heart and soul desires.

Discover the art and science of Reality Crafting and reclaim your birthright to more joy, more love and more fulfillment in every area of your life.

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Episode Descriptions

In this episode, Suzanna identifies how The Fear Of Abandonment is limiting your life and how to free yourself from its grip so you can confidently express your true self and allow yourself to be happy.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • 3 signs the Fear of Abandonment is limiting your life and happiness
  • A surprising disguise abandonment issues may take
  • How a guided meditation can help you replace abandonment programming with self-confidence
  • The transforming benefit you can enjoy when you no longer worry what other people think about you

So if you want to upgrade self love, self respect and self confidence, set and defend healthy boundaries, and create stronger, healthy, loving relationships so you can, tune in now!

Have you had a peak experience, a spiritual awakening and now struggle to get back to that blissed out state – and stay there? There's a certain kind of pain that comes when you have a temporary peak experience and then fall back into “business as usual”. But you are never the same. You become a seeker, trying to get back to the bliss. And you don’t know how.

Suzanna discusses the need to bring the masculine energy of the rational mind into balance with the intuitive feminine energy of the heart and soul for permanent transformation.

The root cause of suffering is called the Illusion of Separation. It is the tension between Universal Truth and our perception of reality. Your perception is filtered and distorted by a wide variety of sources. In order to overcome suffering, you can become dis-illusioned and recognize the power and magnificence that truly surrounds us.

In this auspicious year of 2020, Suzanna Kennedy shares how you can sort out Universal Truth from the social programming that deliberately distorted your perception. Clarify your vision and see past the most pervasive illusion that plagues your life and our world. 

The connection to our Higher Self, soul, Creative Source is the most critical connection. And when you feel disconnected from that, it causes a painful ripple effect through your heart, mind, energy field and life. Find out how to reconnect and express your True Self.

A spiritual awakening is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. And with that comes the desire to find a greater purpose and meaning in your life. Connecting with a greater purpose stabilizes you, even in a world where the ground is constantly shaking. The inner calling to more authenticity and greater positive impact in the world is driving a mass awakening, especially among women.

Suzanna Kennedy helps you navigate the path away from social conditioning and towards inner wisdom. And points out the important first step in fulfilling your soul purpose. Taking that first step helps you transcend pain, overcome social conditioning and connect with your inner wisdom. From that very grounded, confident foundation, you will naturally attract the ingredients to joyfully fulfill your soul purpose.

Are you awakening to the realization that the world is rapidly changing? Are you noticing changes within yourself? Are you ready to turn stress into bliss? You may be asking, “Why am I here?” or “What am I meant for?” or “What are my gifts?” If so, you are having an awakening experience and these questions are the symptoms of awakening.

In this podcast, Suzanna Kennedy discusses the common symptoms of an awakening woman, which can be overwhelming. Let Suzanna guide you through this spiritual awakening to a greater understanding of your True Self. Get answers to new, difficult questions prompted by this awakening experience. Step unto the path of vast understanding, true passions and endless love. Society encourages unhealthy coping mechanisms to alleviate stress, cure anxiety, and heal emotional pain. Suzanna offers a healthy, natural way to alleviate stress and anxiety, and absolve pain.

Cameron Steele, founder of Contact Talk Radio interviews Suzanna Kennedy to preview her new podcast, Reality Crafting With Suzanna. Suzanna shares her brave and magical journey from stressed out corporate business consultant in Detroit, MI to serving as a spiritual midwife and hosting private retreats in her beautiful home in Hawaii.


Suzanna tells her story of how she was divinely inspired with a new consciousness technology. And how for the past 20 years 1000s of people have used it to deprogram their limiting subconscious beliefs, heal their broken hearts and upgrade their ego. She guides her clients to consciously reinvent themselves and create their own version of Paradise On Earth.

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