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Emotional Mental Detox System

A Guided Transformation By Suzanna Kennedy

Your consciousness can be upgraded.
With the Emotional Mental Detox (EMD) system , you can uninstall self-limiting beliefs, fear, painful memories and emotional triggers.

And Install your Highest True Self, programmed for compassion, joy, unity and abundance.


If you're coming from Dr. Bruce Lipton's website, you understand the incredible influence our subconscious beliefs and programming have on our lives. To truly unlock our potential, we must repattern these deep-seated beliefs.

That's why I developed Emotional Mental Detox (EMD) - an energy psychology modality using guided meditation techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind.

The Emotional Mental
Detox Kit +PLUS+
2 Private Calls With Suzanna

Each one of the 6 Guided Transformational Meditations addresses one of the six core issues that all humans have in common.

Delete the limiting subconscious beliefs and the emotional pain that keeps you locked in stress, struggle and pain.

Plus 2 private phone calls with Suzanna to begin and complete your transformational journey.

Benefits Of The
Emotional Mental Detox System

Releasing old programming and gaining clarity on one's path can have numerous benefits, particularly for people who often juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the potential advantages of EMD:


By releasing outdated beliefs and patterns, you can gain a deeper understanding of your true desires, divine potential, and heightened self-esteem.


By releasing outdated beliefs and patterns, you can gain a deeper understanding of your true desires, divine potential, and heightened self-esteem.

Emotional Healing

Clearing old programming often involves healing from past traumas and emotional wounds, which can result in increased emotional health and well-being.

Decision Making

With your new clarity, you can make more empowered and conscious decisions, aligning your choices to your values and goals.


Clearing old programming can help you establish healthier and more satisfying relationships by breaking free from destructive patterns.


Clearing old programming can help you establish healthier and more satisfying relationships by breaking free from destructive patterns.

Spiritual Gowth
And Fullfilment

This process often involves a spiritual journey, by connecting with your higher self and experiencing a sense of purpose and spiritual fulfillment.


Unburdened by subconscious limits, you more effectively manifest your desires, using clear intentions to create a divinely intelligent, desired reality.

What's Included In The EMD + Program

Private Session

30 Minute Private phone call with Suzanna to answer questions, set intentions, clear blocks to success and co-create a graceful transformation.

#1 Clearing Suppressed Masculine Wounding

Deprogram anger, hatred and victimhood, betrayal. Replace distrust with self-confidence and integrity. Maintain healthy boundaries.

#2 Clearing Suppressed Feminine Wounding

Deprogram fear of abandonment, betrayal and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity and receptivity.

#3 Transmuting Suppressed Fear & Anxiety

Deprogram anxiety, worry, terror, panic and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Express courage and enjoy empowerment.

#4 Clear Suppressed Grief, Loss & Pain

Deprogram hurt, pain, sorrow and grief and replace with deep compassion for yourself and others. Attract grace instead of dramas.

#5 Release Toxic Guilt, Judgment & Shame

Deprogram judgment and blame patterns and release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner-critic and punisher.

#6 Liberate Yourself From Separation & Lack

Deprogram lack, limitation and separation. Release false beliefs of unworthiness and embrace your true value as an infinite being of love and light.

Private Session

30 Minute private phone call to maximize your transformation. Clear up residue from the past. Move forward as the New True You on your Sacred Pathway to Paradise. 

Bonus Videos & Meditations

These 4 Bonuses Support Your
Emotional-Mental Deprogramming Journey

I AM Power Activation

This short animation guides you through the powerful I AM invocation that aligns you with your super-conscious Self. 

Radiant One Activation

You are so much more than you think you are. Activate your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.

Inner Peace Meditation

Transform fear into Inner Peace to stay strong, grounded and confident so that you can move through your life with grace and ease.

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Relax deeply to benefit your body,  mind and spirit. Boost your immunity and allow your mind to rest from the constant chatter. 


Graduates of EMD share their experience.

"“As a nurse, I had to "shut down". I was told I had to become "tough, develop a thick skin, stop being so sensitive, don't get attached to my patients, be distant, focus on the work..." I had become all of these things. I was living my worst nightmare; stressed out, no energy, seeing pain all around me and feeling powerless to truly help. “Then I found Suzanna and her consciousness technology. In just a few weeks I began to release the painful memories and unexpressed emotions that I had been carrying with me since childhood. I did open my heart. I have learned how to think with my heart and make choices through love. Within a few months, almost by magic, I was offered a new position to bring heart-centered nursing into the hospital where I work. I am now filled with purpose and passion. I am committed to sharing this technology with other nurses and health-care professionals.”"

Lorraine Duggan, RN

"“I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around.""

Johanna Carroll

"“I have been through the clearing sessions with Suzanna as the facilitator and as a result have released a large amount of anger, rage, frustration, pain and guilt. Since working with Suzanna, I have become clearer, free of limitations and have manifested a better life for myself. I highly recommend Suzanna and her method of healing.”"

Sharon Kirby

"“Troubled with sickness and no direction, Suzanna, with her healings and clearings has helped to bring me to health, clarity and spiritual growth.”"

Scott Miller

"“I just wanted to let you know how helpful these detox sessions have been. I feel lighter (free from judgment, limiting beliefs and resentment), and more peaceful with my past relationships with men and woman alike. The resentment is gone and I can feel the presence of the higher frequencies of light in my body. In the 3rd detox session I almost felt I was flying through space.”"

Sandra Baille

"“What drew me to the technology was the comprehensive nature of the process. Every step builds on the previous one and in the end, the changes you have are permanent. Sometimes you go to a workshop and have a temporary high. Then you go back home and to work and it goes back to what it was before. With this, the change of experience is permanent.”"

Ellen Nagy

Emotional Mental Detox System

Step On To Your Path To Freedom
Create a powerful and permanent change in your life today.

Emotional Mental Detox System


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6 EMDetox Sessions
Delivered 1 per week for 6 weeks

2 Private Integration Coaching Sessions

2 Month Membership in the Illuminator's Circle
(2 Live Group Coaching and Energy Upgrade Calls per Month)

Suzanna's eBook:
Sacred Union: Ascending To A 5D Paradise

PLUS 4 Bonuses:

I AM Power Activation

Radiant One Activation

Peace Meditation

Deep Relaxation Meditation


Manifesting Heaven On Earth


Buy Now, Pay Later Options Available At Checkout

EMDetox Package Plus

6 Private Reality Crafting Sessions with Suzanna to
Manifest Your Version of Heaven On Earth

12 Months Membership in the Illuminator's Circle
(2 Live Group Coaching & Upgrade Calls per Month)

Suzanna's eBook:
Sacred Union: Ascending To A 5D Paradise


Love-Light Power Tool Kit

Paradise Prosperity Upgrade Course

I Say YES To Heaven On Earth

Book A Complimentary
Heaven On Earth Activation & Strategy Call

Not Sure if the Emotional Mental Detox System Is Right For You?
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