Consciousness 2.0 Technology


Transformational Products

By Suzanna Kennedy

Consciousness Upgrades

Emotional Mental Detox

Detox Your Subconscious Mind
Upgrade Your Life

Detox your consciousness to uninstall self-limiting beliefs, fear, painful memories and emotional triggers.

Install your Highest True Self, programmed for compassion, joy, unity and abundance.

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LoveUp Relationship Upgrade

Heal Your Heart,
Rediscover Yourself and
Rebuild Stronger Than Ever

Leave The Pain In The Past,
Learn To Trust Love Again &
Create Soul-Nourishing Relationships

8-Session On-Line Course with Optional Coaching

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Divine Human Upgrade

Embody And Express Your
True Self And Soul Purpose

Our unique Consciousness 2.0 Technology guides you step by step, to quickly, easily and gracefully transform your consciousness from "only human" to Divine Human.


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Reality Crafting Your Paradise

6 Private Sessions

A series of 6 private Reality Crafting Sessions via telephone with Suzanna to manifest your version of Paradise on Earth.

This co-creative place transcends time and space. So the results we enjoy are immediate and seem like magical miracles.

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Transformational Meditations