Transformational Meditations

Gracefully Transform Your Life with Guided Meditations

Transformational Meditations

Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise eBook

This book is for anyone who wants to merge with the Divine, fully express their soul purpose AND walk through this de...

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Deep Relaxation Meditation

Stillness and Peace A state of relaxation is beneficial to the health and well being of your body, your mind and you...

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Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

Purify Energy Centers and Meridian Pathways This 45-minute guided meditation leads you to purify your energy fiel...

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Inner Peace Meditation

Transform fear, anxiety, worry into Inner Peace then share it with the world.

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Integration Meditation

In this meditation, you are guided to call in different high frequencies such as love, joy, peace, bliss and more int...

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Inner Male Detox

Detox Your Inner Male To Release Past Relationship Pains and Patterns with father, men and patriarchal systems. ...

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Sacred Union Relationship Upgrade

This transformational guided meditation will help you: Heal your Inner Male, Inner Female and Inner Child Release...

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Light Body Adventures

You are a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEING OF LOVE-LIGHT. Your Light Body is huge. It’s a vehicle well beyond the size o...

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Paradise Code Upgrades

Paradise Codes Upgrade Rome Today we will deliver the Paradise Codes to a major power spot on the Earth that is call...

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Love-Light Power Tools

Love is the most powerful energy in the Cosmos. Light is information. When you put the two together in a consciously ...

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Emotional-Mental Detox

Shed Density Raise Your FrequencyMaster Your Thoughts and Emotions Upgrade Your Subconscious Programming The Emot...

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LoveUp Relationship Detox and Upgrade

Create Soul-Nourishing Relationships  “Maybe you’re just Unlucky in Love ...” Dear Fabu...

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Divine Human Upgrades

A Guide to Accelerated Soul Evolution How to Embody and Express your True Self and Soul Purpose Quickly, Easily a...

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Upgrade Every Aspect of Your Life With
Consciousness 2.0 Technology

Reprogram Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Replace your limiting beliefs and critical inner voice with a expanded, confident self-image. Replace automatic triggered reactions with conscious, compassionate responses.

Fall In Love With Your True Self

Create healthy boundaries and make healthy, loving choices.

Create Soul-Nourishing Relationships

First mate your soul with your body. Then attract your soul family.

Radiate Health and Vitality

Heal the mental-emotional cause of illness and stress.

Fulfill Your Soul Purpose

Discover, Embody and Fulfill Your Soul Purpose. Be who you really are. Do what you came here to do. The world needs the unique gifts your soul incarnated to contribute.

Create Your Version of Paradise On Earth

Learn how to trade in your sword and shield for a magic wand. Life doesn't have to be a struggle. You can consciously create a life you love.