Embody And Express Your
True Self And Soul Purpose

Divine Human Upgrades
Guided Meditations

Our unique Consciousness 2.0 Technology guides you step by step, to quickly, easily and gracefully transform your consciousness from
"only human" to Divine Human. 


Quick, Easy & Graceful
Guided Meditations With
Suzanna Kennedy

The Divine Human Upgrade Program is delivered in a series of Self-Empowerment, Guided Meditations. These meditations are designed to deprogram the Illusion of Separation and allow your true Divine Self to descend into your body and fully express your soul's purpose.


Create a powerful and permanent change in your life.



Empowerment Leader, Accelerated Soul Evolution Mentor, The Graceful Transformation Expert, Co-Creative Partner.


The Divine Human Upgrade Program™ is a miraculous self-enlightenment method that allows you to make permanent, positive change in your life - all the way down to your cells. The program is a unique combination of the right harmonic frequency, intention, breath work and imagery, delivered in a guided meditation format.

Suzanna Kennedy

What's Included In Your
Divine Human Upgrade Progam

Heal, balance and unite your Inner Male, Inner Female and
Inner Child to Attract Soul-Nourishing Relationships

Delete Emotional
Triggers, Stop Painful
Repeating Relationship

Release Emotional,
Mental, Spiritual Pain,
Stop Attracting Illness
and Injury

Release Limiting

Balance Heart & Mind
Upgrade Your Ego
Activate Wise
Inner Advisor

Resolve Karma
Extract & Embody
Wisdom From
Past & Future Lives
Activate Compassion

Uncover Lack Beliefs
Prepare To Upgrade
Inner Glass Ceiling

Release Lack &
Expand Your Ability
To Receive

Initiate and Develop

Embody Divine Self
Upgrade Your Subconscious
Default to Self-Love

Merge With Your
Twin Flame
Feel Whole &

Create & Activate Your Personal
Paradise Blueprint

Start Seeing Results
After The First Session

In just a few weeks, you will feel like the True New You.

"The Benefits of the Diving Human Upgrade Program are so numerous. It was the completeness, the totality, the depth of the progrm that astounded and thrilled me. I've been to many healers and gone through many different programs, none of which were as effective as the DHU program."

Jody Howard
Houston, TX

"I've known what my soul's purpose is for a long time, but I stopped myself from "going for it" because I thought I would fail and be disappointed. After only the third upgrade, opportunities started showing up that allowed me to gracefully step into my soul's purpose without effort. And the resources started magically showing up to the support me."

Joseph Kraut
Ann Arbor, MI

"Every one of the 12 upgrades presented an incredible gift that completely changed my life, how I view it, and how I perceive myself. The most incredible are: healing my Pain Body memories, detaching from emotional drama, increasing my Self Love and disconnecting from attachments created from fear."

Jody Cantu
Houston, TX

"The removal of mental debris, emotional baggage and old benefits has allowed me to blossom into the artist that I am. After taking the Divine Human Upgrade Program, the biggest changes I've noticed are the inner peace, balance and self love. The quiet, peaceful feeling inside me, without of all that mind chatter, is wonderful. To bring peace to the earth, I strive to make my own life peaceful."

Pamela Howlett
Walnut Creek, CA

"Talk about a spiritual journey... The Divine Human Upgrade Program is like taking a superhighway to your soul."

Rebecca McGuirre
RN, LMT, Fairfield, CA

"I found the upgrade technology to be very simple, very easy and very, very powerful."

Ceci Connor
Kehei Hawaii

"With each upgrade, I experienced healing, integrating and transforming on many levels, body, mind, spirit and especially emotions. It was an inside cleansing as I've never felt before, with big results! I am so grateful for the positive changes."

Pamela Howlett
Wallnut Creek, CA

"Before the Divine Human Upgrades, I would crumble under stressful situations and feel a sense of doom and fear that I could not cope with. The Upgrades had and amazing effect on this whole scenario. I am a different person. Now, when a stressful situation comes up now, I can deal with it in a calm and balanced way. The underlying fear and patterns that were creating havoc are gone."

Sandra Baillie
Panama City, Panama

"Suzanna is a very gifted communicator and her soft voice was very pleasant and easy to listen to.P"

Ana Zach
Princeville, Hawaii

"The sessions themselves were a beautiful experience. It felt safe at all times and I was comfortable because every step was activated through my conscious participation. The energy was set up and built during the session and it felt very loving and powerful."

Ellen Nagy
Barnegat, NJ

Bonuses Included In Your
Divine Human Upgrade Program

I AM Power Activation

This short animation guides you through the powerful I AM invocation that aligns you with your super-conscious Self. 

Radiant One Activation Video

You are so much more than you think you are. Activate your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.

Kauai Retreat

Kauai, the Garden Isle of Hawaii,  is the perfect place to activate your inner Goddess and experience the Divine Feminine in you.

Inner Peace Mediation

Transform fear into Inner Peace to stay strong, grounded and confident so that you can move through your life with grace and ease.

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Relax deeply to benefit your body,  mind and spirit. Boost your immunity and allow your mind to rest from the constant chatter.

Support For Your Journey

Membership: Awakening Unity Consciousness Community on Facebook, email support from Suzanna, Monthly Coaching Calls

Divine Human Upgrades


Create a powerful and permanent change in your life today!



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