Heal Your Heart, Rediscover Yourself &
Rebuild Stronger Than Ever

So You Can Leave The Pain In The Past,
Learn To Trust Love Again &
Create Soul-Nourishing Relationships

Introducing LoveUp Relationship Detox & Upgrade System

I help divorced and never married, awakening women who want to heal from toxic relationships, so they can rediscover their True Self and prepare for their Sacred Union partner.

If You:

  • Are divorced or single and don't want to attract another toxic relationship.
  • Are fed up with unconscious men who cannot love & respect you.
  • Want to prepare for a soul mate, Sacred Union or twin flame relationship.
  • Lost yourself in trying to please others and don’t even know what brings you joy.

And You'd Rather:

  • Feel healed, whole and free to be your authentic self.
  • Enjoying soul-nourishing relationships with all the people in your life.
  • Attract a soul mate who adores you and treats you with love and respect.
  • Have the confidence and courage to speak your truth and defend healthy boundaries.

LoveUp Digital Course Includes

Inner Father Uprade

Detox And Heal Toxic Patterns With Men and Male Energy. Release Anger. Instill Trust, Confidence & Authenticity

Inner Mother Upgrade

Release suppression & abuse programming. Heal your broken heart. Empower intuition, creative and flow.

Inner Child Upgrade

Delete fear & anxiety programming. Nurture your inner child and restore playfulness, adventure & joy.

Pain Body Healing

Release sadness, grief and subconscious addiction to physical, mental & emotional pain. Allow connection.

Detox Guilt & Inner Critic

Detox Judgment, Guilt, Shame and Blame. Silence Your Inner Critic from abusing your Inner Child.

Lack Mindset Upgrade

Detox lack, limitation & scarcity fears. Eliminate unworthiness. Expand your ability to receive.

Relationship Blueprint

Discover Relationship Programming to avoid relapse. Celebrate successful deprogramming.

Sacred Union Upgrade

Unite your healed Inner Family in Sacred Union. Create a new Relationship Blueprint to prepare for Soul Family Reunion.

Plus These Valuable Bonuses

All of these Bonuses are designed to support and enhance your transformational journey.

I AM Invocation

This short animation guides you through the powerful I AM invocation that aligns you with your super-conscious Self. 

Radiant One Activation

You are so much more than you think you are. Activate your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.

Love-Light Power Tools

This Energy Medicine Tool Kit takes stress & struggle out of your life. Learn & master the application of each of 6 Love-Light technologies.

Inner Peace Meditation

Transform fear into Inner Peace to stay strong, grounded and confident so that you can move through your life with grace and ease.

Relaxation Meditation

Relax deeply to benefit your body,  mind and spirit. Boost your immunity and allow your mind to rest from the constant chatter. 

Support For Your Journey

Email Suzanna with your questions, results, celebrations. She will respond within 24 hours. 

Just A Few of Many LoveUp Graduates

Rosanna & Ian

Rosanna did the LoveUp  and left toxic relationships behind. She married her soul mate, Ian. PLUS started a new business, fulfilling her soul purpose.

Paula & Scott

At 42, Paula hadn't married due to a string of toxic relationships. 30 days after the LoveUp, she met Scott. They are happily married for 15 years now.

Norma & Chris

Norma wanted to heal from toxic relationships that caused stress & illness. After the LoveUp, she healed & met Chris. Look at their beautiful family.

Suzanna & Casey

Both divorced from 20+ year marriages. I was single for 3 years, then the LoveUp. 6 weeks later, I met Casey. We're happy together for 19 years.

Building Blocks For Your Customized
LoveUp Relationship Upgrade Implementation Strategy

On our LoveUp Strategy Call, together we will build a customized strategy hat is an exact match for your relationship upgrades goals, desired level of personal support and financial investment.

Every package includes the LoveUp Digital Program.
The two optional building blocks of Support Services are described below.

LoveUp Digital
On-Line Course


Independent Study

  • 8 LoveUp Sessions
  • 6 Bonus Meditations & Videos
  • 1 Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Email Support

Buy Now, Pay Later
Available At Checkout

Upgrade My Relationships

LoveUp Digital +
Manifest Partner


Reality Crafting Total Self-Love &
Sacred Union Partner

  • 8 LoveUp Sessions
  • 6 Bonuses
  • 1 Coaching Session
  • 1 LIVE Private Reality Crafting Session to Ensure Total Healing, Self-Love and Co-Create a Loving Partner
  • Unlimited Email Support

Buy Now, Pay Later
Available At Checkout

Soul-Nourishing Relationships

LoveUp Digital+
Paradise Reality


Digital Course + Private Reality Crafting

  • 8 LoveUp On-Line
  • 8 Private Reality Crafting Sessions to Ensure Total Healing, Self-Love and Co-Create Your Paradise Reality
  • Unlimited Email Support

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Available At Checkout

Loving My Paradise Reality

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Complimentary LoveUp Strategy Call

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She will help you access your objectives and support requirements.

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