Suzanna Kennedy's Unique
Reality Crafting System

A four-step process tried and true over 20 years.

Step One

Triple Flame Activation

The Triple Flame Activation Meditation is an Energy Field Detox and Aura Cleanse. You are infused with Divine Love, Light & Wisdom. lears Meridian Pathways so detox & upgrades are quick, easy and graceful.

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Step Two

Emotional Mental Detox (EMDetox)

EMDetox helps you purge limiting subconscious beliefs & triggers. Transform painful memories and emotional baggage into ILove. Six detox sessions include: Relationship programing, Fear, Pain, Grief, Sadness, Judgment, Guilt, Lack & Separation

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Step Three

Divine Human Upgrades

Reprogram your body, mind, heart and soul to fully embody and express your True Divine Self.

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Manifest Your Paradise

Step Four

Six Private Session with Suzanna as your co-creative partner. Consciously create your version of Paradise on Earth and fullfill your Soul Purpose.

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