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The Reality Crafting Systemtm is a systematic, step-by-step transformational process that will reprogram your mind and body so you will finally be able to express your True Divine Self and Soul Purpose and create your Personal Paradise.

Step 1:

The Emotional-Mental Detox Program will help you eliminate six core layers of old, obsolete subconscious programming and the resulting emotional pain that has built up inside you as a result. These layers include:

  1. Male Aspect Detox – Anger, fear and distrust of men and male energy
  2. Female Aspect Detox – Anger, fear and distrust of women and feminine energy
  3. Fear – Anxiety, worry, terror and panic
  4. Pain – Sadness, grief and loss
  5. Guilt – Judgment, shame and blame
  6. Lack – Limitation, scarcity and separation

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Step 2:

After you have completed the detox, you are ready to birth your True Divine Self into your body with the Divine Human Upgrade Program. We’ll raise your vibration, reprogram your subconscious mind and activate you DNA to receive and integrate your new Divine Human codes and blueprints. The upgrades include:

  1. Sacred Union Relationship Upgrade
  2. Discover Your Relationship Blueprint
  3. Heal Your Pain Body
  4. Discovery Your Self-Identity Blueprint
  5. Empower Your Heart and Soul
  6. Discover Your Money Blueprint
  7. Upgrade Your Prosperity Blueprint
  8. Manage Your New Prosperity
  9. Integrate Polarity
  10. Birth Your Divine Self
  11. Merge With Your Twin Flame
  12. Manifest Your Paradise

Step 3: 

The Creatress Empowerment Circle goes way beyond any coaching, mentoring or mastermind program available today. And you can join the Circle concurrently with Step 1 & 2. You don’t have to wait to start creating your Personal Paradise.

The Divine Mother of All That Is, takes us into the Unified Field of Infinite Love. Creative Source and I become YOUR co-creative partners.

I guide you into your reality hologram. From this place I can tell what beliefs, patterns and stuck emotional energy have manifested your current circumstance. In this co-creative space, I guide you to dissolve and dis-create the elements of your reality that are not working in your highest good. Then inspired by Divine Mother … we set intentional commands that re-create a more joyful, graceful reality that is aligned with your soul purpose and the highest good of all.

This co-creative place transcends time and space. So the results we enjoy are immediate and seem like magical miracles. Yet truly, we are working in alignment with the Infinite Creator, following the Universal Laws. This is the Creative Power that lies within each of us, awaiting rediscovery and activation.

It’s the opposite of the traditional goal setting and working hard to make things happen model that weary warriors have been working with up until now. Each week, you get focused 1-on-1 time to re-create your current top priority. The others in the group add their creative energy to your intention. The synergistic effects are amazing. You also receive all the upgrades and benefits brought forth by other members of the group.

We keep the group size small to insure you will always have the time you need to co-create your shifts, breakthroughs and reality upgrades. Because of the small group size, there are a very limited number of membership opportunities available. Membership in the Reality Crafting Circle is not for everyone. It requires that you step up into a whole new level and allow your super creative power to express in your life.

It’s for you if:

  • You are truly ready to transform your life and enjoy your personal Paradise
  • You want the support of a supercharged circle of conscious co-creators to amplify your results
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and eliminate excuses
  • You are willing to invest your time, energy and money to make it happen

"Break through your old programming"

"Master your thoughts and emotions"

"Enjoy freedom from subconscious triggers and automatic responses"

"Be fully present to consciously choose the most compassionate and graceful response in every moment."

"Experience deep self-love and all the loving reflections that will be attracted to you."

"Create and maintain healthy boundaries, make healthy decisions and take healthy actions."

Together we will customize the program to meet your specific goals and desired results. The system includes several steps. Each one is powerful in its own right, but is most effective as an integrated system.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with me and my unique approach, schedule your complimentary 30-minute Strategy Call.

I’ll answer all your questions and map out the best way to break through your major challenges and get you the results you want in the easiest, quickest and most graceful way possible.

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Experience Consciousness 2.0 Technology
Get your free gift.

Triple Flame Activation &
Aura Cleanse Meditation.