Suzanna Kennedy

Author, Speaker, Ascension Catalyst,Ā 5D Leadership Coach,Ā Spiritual Midwife, Co-Creative Partner

About Suzanna Kennedy

Aloha and welcome. I'm Suzanna Kennedy, an Ascension Catalyst and 5D Leadership Coach. With over 20 years of experience, I've dedicated my life to guiding high-achieving women in aligning their professional success with their soul's purpose. As the creator of Reality Crafting 5.0 consciousness technology, I empower women to step into their authentic leadership and create profound impact.


From Corporate Success to Spiritual Awakening

My journey began in the corporate world, where I enjoyed a successful career in Instructional and Performance Technology. From the outside, my life embodied the "American Dream." Yet, internally, I felt a persistent longing for deeper meaning and purpose. This inner calling led me to a transformative awakening, shifting my consciousness and connecting me to a higher reality.

Bridging Professional Excellence and Spiritual Growth

Inspired by this expanded awareness, I embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration and self-discovery. I discovered the power of subconscious deprogramming, which became the foundation for my Emotional Mental Detox System. Through further consciousness expansions and years of client work, I developed Reality Crafting 5.0 and the 5D Leadership System.

Introducing Reality Crafting 5.0 for 5D Leadership

Reality Crafting 5.0 is a unique approach that harmonizes quantum physics, spirituality, and emotional intelligence. It's designed to help high-achieving women manifest a purpose-driven career aligned with their soul's calling. This powerful tool enables women to step into their role as 5D Leaders, creating positive change in their professional lives and the world.

Guiding Women to 5D Leadership

As an Ascension Catalyst and 5D Leadership Coach, I'm passionate about guiding high-achieving women on their journey to authentic, purpose-driven leadership. Through Reality Crafting 5.0 and my coaching programs, I help women transform their careers, align with their highest truth, and create meaningful impact in their professional spheres.

My Mission

My mission is to activate a new generation of 5D Leaders who will pave the way for a more conscious, harmonious, and purpose-driven professional world. By helping high-achieving women liberate themselves from limiting beliefs and embody their authentic leadership, we're co-creating a new reality of unity, love, abundance, and positive impact in the business world and beyond.