Suzanna Kennedy

Author, Speaker, Empowerment Leader, Ascension Coach, Spiritual Midwife, Co-Creative Partner

About Suzanna Kennedy

Aloha and welcome. I'm Suzanna Kennedy, an experienced Ascension Coach and the proud creator of Reality Crafting 5.0 consciousness technology. I've dedicated my life to helping individuals on their path to self-discovery, healing, conscious manifesting and ascension. >>>


Awakening to Ascension

If you looked at my life from the outside, you might it think it was the picture of the American Dream. I had a rewarding career, lovely family, and lived a life that most would deem successful. But within me, a sense of disconnection and longing persisted, hinting at a deeper purpose waiting to be discovered. This longing led me to a transformative awakening, a profound shift in consciousness, that connected me to a higher consciousness and reality far greater than I had previously known.

Journey to Self-Discovery

Inspired by my expanded perception, I left my previous path to embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and self-discovery. During this journey, I discovered the power of subconscious deprogramming, which allowed me to release self-limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, and deprogram my subconscious mind. From there, I created the Emotional Mental Deprogramming System. Through a series of further consciousness expansions, initiations, downloads and years of experience working with clients, I more recently developed Reality Crafting 5.0 and the Sacred Union Reprogramming System.

Introducing Reality Crafting 5.0

Reality Crafting 5.0, is a unique approach harmonizing quantum physics, spirituality, and emotional intelligence. This became my tool for manifesting the paradise life of my dreams that is also aligned with my soul's purpose. It is now my mission to share these empowering tools with others.

Guiding Others on the Path to Ascension

Today, known as the Ascension Coach, I passionately share my life’s work, guiding others on their own journey of awakening and ascension. Through the Reality Crafting 5.0 consciousness technology systems, I help individuals transform their lives, manifest their deepest desires, align with their highest truth and purpose, and live their most authentic life.

My Mission

My mission is to pave the way to Pathway To Paradise for humanity and Gaia, Blessed Mother Earth. Reality Crafting 5.0 helps humans awaken and liberate themselves from the Illusion of Separation, embody their divinity and consciously co-create a new reality of unity, love, freedom, health and abundance for all.  My global team joyfully offers training, coaching, alchemical products and services, plus community support to gracefully ascend into New Paradise Earth.

The Invitation And First Step

I whole-heartedly invite you to explore the potential that lies within you by taking the first step on the Reality Crafting 5.0 Pathway to Paradise. My gift to you is the Quantum Peace Activation.

Get Your Quantum Peace Activatin Gift

The Quantum Peace Activation calls forth the Triple Flame frequencies in a synergistic blend of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom. It will help you annihilate anxiety, neutralize negativity, energize your body and relax into inner peace.

The Triple Flame frequencies prepare you for the Emotional Mental Deprogramming System. This is where you do to the deeper work of deleting your limiting subconscious programming and releasing traumatic memories and deleting emotional triggers.