Manifest Your Personal Paradise

Reality Crafting With Suzanna
Private Sessions

Dear Soul Family...

Are you truly ready to transform your life and enjoy your Personal Paradise?

Do you desire a supercharged, co-creative partner to amplify your results?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and eliminate excuses?


Reality Crafting With Suzanna is the opposite of the traditional goal setting and working hard to make things happen model that weary warriors have been working with up until now.

Instead, Reality Crafting With Suzanna goes beyond any coaching, mentoring or mastermind program available today. The Divine Mother of All That Is, takes us into the Unified Field of Infinite Love. Creative Source and I become YOUR co-creative partners.

  • 6 Sessions of the Emotional Mental Deprogramming System to deprogram the past "not really the True You" beliefs and emotional trauma. New detox sessions delivered every other week.
  • On alternate weeks, 6 live private Reality Crafting Meetings, via phone or video conference.
  • During each Reality Crafting meeting, we will re-create and upgrade one aspect of your reality. 
  • I help you navigate your consciousness and guide you to create your desired outcome, from your heart, in alignment with your True Self and Divine Purpose.
  • I add my potent creative energy to co-create and activate your desired outcome
  • Experience amazing synergistic effects for immediate manifestation
  • Guidance to co-create your shifts, breakthroughs and reality upgrades

Reality Crafting With Suzanna is not for everyone. It requires that you step up into a whole new level and allow your super creative power to express in your life.

I will guide you into your reality hologram. From this place I can tell what beliefs, patterns and stuck emotional energy has manifested your current circumstance. In this co-creative space, I guide you to dissolve and dis-create the elements of your reality that are not working in your highest good.

Then inspired by Divine Mother … we set intentional commands that re-create a more joyful, graceful reality that is aligned with your soul purpose and the highest good of all.

This co-creative place transcends time and space. So the results we enjoy are immediate and seem like magical miracles. Yet truly, we are working in alignment with the Infinite Creator, following the Universal Laws. This is the Creative Power that lies within each of us, awaiting rediscovery and activation.

If you’re ready to co-create your Personal Paradise and express your soul purpose, apply below.

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Manifest Your Personal Paradise

Reality Crafting With Suzanna

Accelerated Co-Creation


Buy Now, Pay Later Options Available At Checkout

  • Emotional Mental Detox Digital Course
    (Value: $555)
  • 6 Reality Crafting Sessions (Value: $2664)
  • Once every 7 or 14 Days, via phone or video conference
  • Recordings of each meeting
  • Mutually agreed upon meeting days and times


Love-Light Power Tool Digital Course (Value: $333)


Let's Co-Create!

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