$2,497.00 USD

There will be no refunds. So please check in with your heart and soul and make sure you make an aligned decision in the first place.

Also, be aware that your self-identity program (a.k.a. ego) believes it is its job to keep you the same and "protect" you from transformation - even positive changes.

It may attempt to exert its self-defense strategy and project resistance, trying to prevent you from following the calling of your heart and soul.

Claim the courage to follow your heart and soul in the face of your ego's resistance to change.

Suzanna and the other Creatress Empowerment Circle members will show up for every call, whether you attend or not. We are honoring the energy exchange, even if you chose not to allow yourself to receive the upgrades.

Manifest Your Heaven On Earth

Reality Crafting With Suzanna

  • Emotional Mental Deprogramming System -  Digital Course (Value: $555). New session delivered every other week.
  • 6 Private Reality Crafting in alternating weekly sessions (Value: $2664)
  • 12 Month Membership in the Illuminator's Circe (Value: $1164)
  • Recording of each meeting
  • Mutually agreed upon meeting days and times


  • Love-Light Power Tool Kit (Value: $333)
  • Paradise Prosperity Upgrade Course (Value: $333)