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Anger Mastery

Anger occurs when you feel that your boundaries have been crossed or when integrity is breached or when your personal power is given or taken away.  And with what is going on in our world today, it seems the potential for anger to get triggered is increasing dramatically. 

Stuck anger can cause pain, illness, depression and disease in the body.  It can create a barrier between you and other people and destroy relationships.  Worst of all, stuck, unexpressed anger attracts more anger and volatile situations to itself. 

So the benefits of releasing unexpressed anger from your past are that you will be healthier, more trusting and more trustable. You will be able to create and maintain healthy emotional and energetic boundaries. You will have healthier relationships. You will attract less drama into your life. 

When the past, pent up anger is gone – new situations that may have angered you in the past will not be as upsetting or may not trigger any anger at all.  You will have less anger in your life, from within yourself and from everybody in your life.

The Anger Detox Digital Course includes:

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Preparing to Release Anger with the Triple Flame Activation Energy Field Detox
  3. Anger Detox Meditation
  4. Integration Guidelines
  5. Communicating With Compassion Lesson & Practice
  6. Next Steps On Your Journey