Is This You?

  • Strong, smart, successful woman
  • Feeling stressed out and battle-weary
  • Despite all your success, you feel empty, emotionally fatigued and lack meaning and passion in your life and business
  • You may even feel guilty for being unhappy; knowing you should be grateful for what you have
  • Achieving success and material possessions has not brought the expected happiness
  • There is something inside calling you to BE something more - something greater - for yourself and for the world

You Are Love-Light In a Human Body

Ready to Be Who You Really Are?
And Do What You Really Came To Do?
If So, You Are In the Right Place, At The Right Time!

I know you — because I’ve been you

  • You are a dynamic and accomplished woman who is awakening to the call of your soul’s purpose.
  • I know you want to make a profound impact on the world and in your own life, but you feel under-supported, alone and unappreciated.
  • You are battle weary after years of struggle, trying to fit into a system that feels more like a war zone than a workplace.
  • At home, you feel unable to express your true feelings.

To allow your soul’s song to ring out in the world, you need an ally on the path.

Through my step-by-step, profoundly healing and rejuvenating Reality Crafting Systemtm, you will obtain the tools you need to forge your own path … gracefully.

With my guidance, you will …

  • Stop being triggered by negative influences in your life and work.
  • You will be more in control of your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.
  • Release your fears and have unshakable confidence in yourself.
  • Possess the tools and the creative power to initiate sacred service that is authentic to your soul’s purpose.
  • Free yourself from the golden handcuffs that bind you to an uninspiring “job” where you have no options for advancement or fulfillment.
  • Wake up in the mornings feeling fully embodied, sensual, at peace and joyful.
  • Reinvent yourself and step into a higher standard of living. Because you’re done settling for less.
  • Know unstoppable, unbridled passion for life.
  • Find that inner peace, balance and rootedness will become your new “normal”.
  • Fulfill your soul’s purpose with ease and grace.

Sound Good So Far?

I would be honored to be your support and guide throughout this transformational process, if …

  • Deep down you know you are meant for greater things.
  • You wish for a rapturous connection with your divine purpose on earth.
  • You’re searching for ways to share your brilliance with the world and create abundant wealth doing what brings you immeasurable joy.
  • You want to have a profound and harmonious impact in the lives of all those you come into contact with.

I work with people, just like you, who are ready to end the struggle. I help them put aside their defensive weapons, shields and armor, once and for all. In exchange, they receive something even more powerful…a magic wand. It is mightier than the sword and lighter than the sun; transforming them from Weary Warrior to Empowered Creatress.

Or if you can’t wait to get started, just click here to apply for a complimentary 30-minute Strategy CallI’ll answer all your questions and to map out the best way to break through your major challenges and get you the results you want the easiest, quickest and most graceful way possible.

Blessings for a graceful transformation,

"Suzanna is one-of-a-kind mentor. I found her after losing a long-term position. I was jumping from one short-term project to another, with no benefits or long term security. I felt isolated and anxious about my future. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to invest in Suzanna’s Reality Crafting Circle. Together we co-created the job of my dreams. Suzanna has proven to me, that we do indeed create our own reality. With the amazing toolbox she shares, and the high vibration she brings, she makes a powerful co-creative partner."

Teresa Kaczmarczyk
Digital Project Manager

"Suzanna's Reality Crafting System was a much needed gift through my transformation. With her Emotional-Mental Detox Program, I found myself clearing layers of outdated programs, patterns and beliefs in record time. As I dove into Suzanna's more advanced, Divine Human Upgrade Program, I was mesmerized by the shifts and changes taking place for me on all levels."

Lisa Wilson
Women's Empowerment Leader

"Suzanna is among the cutting-edge of healers and teachers in these changing times, and has been gifted with many phenomenal technologies from Source to bring healing, wholeness, and happiness into your Life."

Jaecinta Harris
CEO Eclipse Entertainment

"Suzanna is Intuitive and amazing at what she does.I highly recommend her retreats and her transformational work. Your Mind,Body, and Spirit will THANK YOU."

Carly Alyssa Thorne
CEO Conscious Business Collaborations

Warrior to Creator
by Suzanna Kennedy

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  3. How does a Woman Become a Warrior?
  4. How to Stop Attracting Battles
  5. How Does it Feel to be a Creator?

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Warrior to Creator
by Suzanna Kennedy

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