Kauai Spiritual Retreats In Paradise

Join Suzanna Kennedy and Casey Holt For a Private Retreat On the Magical Garden Isle of Kauai, Hawaii

What People Are Saying


Experience the Sacred Union of ALL Levels of Yourself and Bring Forth the Highest Expression of Your Soul’s Purpose!

A private, customized retreat for Singles and Couples. Come celebrate and embody the Paradise Reality that we have been co-creating.

Soak up the frequencies of Divine Human, Ascension and Sacred Union that infuses our home and our lives

You are invited to an empowering place of healing, inspiration, transformation, upgrades, treasured memories and connection…

Join Us As We Embody and Express PARADISE!

Each Retreat Is All About YOU!

Tell us your objectives and we will design an experience to meet your needs.

Here are just some examples of focus:

  • Stress Relief, Healing, Rejuvenation
  • Relationship Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Healing the original cause of physical illness
  • Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Empowerment
  • Ascension Activations
  • Clarity, Guidance, Next Steps for Life Transitions
  • Mental, Emotional, Energetic Detoxification

Customized Retreats

All-Inclusive Private Retreat For Individuals or Couples

Here's and EXAMPLE of what a 7-day retreat includes:

  • 1 Pre-retreat planning session with Suzanna on the phone
  • Deluxe Lei Greeting and Airport Pickup
  • Top quality accommodations
  • Meals. Your preferences accommodated.
  • Ground transportation – we will do the driving. And you will have access to a car to use during free time.
  • 16 hours with Suzanna and/or Casey for guided trips to the beautiful beaches, towns, local shopping areas and sacred sites of Kauai.
  • 1 Transformation Session per day with Suzanna
  • Free Time to enjoy the beauty and Aloha spirit of Kauai on your own! Explore the island’s many scenic vistas, waterfalls and beaches.
  • Recommendations for the best of whatever you are looking for in your free time: sites, restaurants, tours and local healing arts practitioners
  • Schedule a complementary phone call with Suzanna to explore if this retreat is right for you, to find out about available retreat dates.
  • Place a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation.
  • Balance is due 30 days prior to your retreat date.
  • Industry Standard Cancellation Policy: If something comes up and you need to reschedule, we are flexible and happy to find another date that is mutually convenient. A nominal fee may be imposed in some cases. We have a standard retreat “no refund policy” if you cancel less than 30 days prior to scheduled date and don’t reschedule. In some cases we may give you a 50% credit to use for other products or services.

More Client Love

"Even before the Private Retreat had ended, I realized I'd received more value than I had hoped for! I had relief from chronic pain and the tools to eliminate it and potential hip surgery. I had healing for a significant family relationship that had weighed me down. I had confidence in my ability to effectively use an easy process to create the life I want. I felt lighter, more feminine and joyful!
The retreat afforded plenty of opportunities for relaxing and reflection, exploring and integrating new concepts, and soaking up the beauty and sacredness of the island. All occurred while being held in the loving embrace of of Suzanna and Casey who create and hold the space for transformation. I leave refreshed, energized and joyful---filled with gratitude and excited about the future."

Victoria Forchuk
British Columbia

"Suzanna created a WONDER FULL week to experience Sacred Union with Kauai. We were able to come together as family and share beautiful accommodations, great food and the spectacular treasures of Kauai while practicing our Sacred Union work with ourselves and each other."

Deborah Lagana
Long Island, NY

"While there in Kauai everything was so clear. It's almost like a dream as I look back on our adventure now. Soul-family coming together anchoring Sacred Union and Paradise in Paradise. So very natural to be there and together. I loved it all.
The initial greeting and releasing ceremony followed by the week of visiting sacred sites, with great information about these places was appreciated. The Whales were amazing. I felt truly blessed, more so after the trip. My Heart Art session with Suzanna, given right after a body session with Casey, helped me focus on what had occurred over the week and to connect with who I am.
Thank you both for that wonderful experience. All the above were benefits of attending this retreat as was finding a stronger connection to myself, coming out of confusion I did not even know I had, and connecting with Spirit in Aloha ways, (unconditional love, grace, and compassion). I truly liked everything. So much FUN. I will definitely come again and would want to be there in Kauai. Thank you."

Cheryl Shew
Rutherfordton, North Carolina

"To find the right language to describe my experience of our retreat without going on for days is quite a task. I experienced Love so Sacred. My heart has opened into a space so pure, a space I could feel existed but had not entered until now. I now know Paradise is in each one of us. I have tasted, touched, seen and smelled the beauty of living as one heart. Thank you for the opportunity to play in the Paradise Reality. I feel so free, and this is only the beginning! I would love to come again and experience Sacred Union on Kauai. If you are looking for a Women's Retreat in Hawaii, this is it!""

Ellen Nagy
Barnegat, New Jersey

"I am so delighted to express the depth of my gratitude, love and joy for all the hard work and effort put out by Suzanna and Casey for our Kauai retreat. It was absolutely wonderful... in so many ways. The food was scrumptious and my body was grateful for the healthy nutrition they afforded. The tours brought me amazing spiritual moments and images I will never forget. Thank you Suzanna for your beautiful Soul Drawing that still speaks to me. Thank you Casey for your magic hands that I found so soothing and healing. I thoroughly enjoyed Dancing, Singing, Laughing, Crying, Feasting, Talking, Sharing and most of all Loving as One."

Jody Howard
Denver, Colorado

"Thank you Suzanna and Casey, for the glorious private retreat that you customized for me. Your home feels like a sanctuary and shortly after arriving, I could feel my energy shift to a higher frequency. I LOVED being immersed in the 5th Dimensional Ascension energies and received many spiritual, intuitive insights while there and touring beautiful Kauai with you. I AM grateful for the opportunity to experience the uplifting of my Soul during my retreat in Paradise along with the clarity and insights I received about my life. I returned home refreshed and renewed after our time together. It was truly a joy to be with you both…thank you for sharing your home and Kauai with me!""

Amy LeFevre
Utica, NY

""I came for a retreat experience at a very low time in my life. Working in this beautiful location, with the intense healing energy of the area and of course, alongside of Suzanna, I made tremendous progress in my own self growth and healing. The hospitality was top notch, and I continue to use the tools that I was provided as I move forward in life and health."

Tracey Weise
Juneau, Alaska

"I cannot express how much my retreat with Suzanna helped transform me! I completed Suzanna's EMDetox and started noticing changes within myself almost immediately. The prior two years in my life had been extremely taxing to me emotionally and mentally. I was the caretaker to my terminally ill husband while still working. I really closed myself off. After completing the first session, I experienced a release of: anger, resentment, and grief. As I worked through her program I decided to do a personal retreat with her. The personal retreat was life changing for me. I experienced major shifts in my consciousness and felt a release from residual grief and worry. I was able to return to the version of me before I shut myself down, but even better. I suffered migraine headaches for 13 years and after spending a week with Suzanna and working together we were able to release some major triggers for my migraines. I am now able to eat and drink things that previously would trigger a major migraine like chocolate, cinnamon and wine. This change alone was life changing for me; my life no longer revolves around migraine headaches. My personal relationships have improved for the best. I was able to disconnect from the negative energy surrounding some of my relationships with others and I saw an immediate response; about 15 minutes after disconnecting the energy cord I had people calling me and texting me to see “what was up” with me. Disconnecting from the negative energy has allowed for so much more breathing room and authenticity in my life. I am finding decision making to be much easier and being made with confidence. Previously, I would question major life decisions and worry about if I was making the right choice. After working with Suzanna, I no longer worry about what the future may hold as I know that I am following the path leading to the highest version of me to fulfill my life’s purpose."

Sarah Lambert
Upstate, NY

About the Ascension Portal

With Divine Assistance, we have anchored an Ascension Portal onto our property. This portal provides you access to Infinite Love of the Source Creator without the usual distortions of the 3rd Dimension. You will be bathed in High Frequency Love, allowing you to gracefully release what no longer serves you and take a quantum leap into your higher expression of who you are.

About Your Hosts

Suzanna Kennedy is the Founder and Director of Reality Crafting Institute and author of Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise. Living on the Garden Isle of Kauai in Hawaii, Suzanna and her Sacred Union Partner Casey Holt stand as Rod and Staff, embodiments of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They are among the first of many genetically compatible couples coming together, serving as the balanced archetypes of the new crystalline race.

In 1999 Suzanna left a successful 15-year career as a corporate training consultant, founded Reality Crafting, Inc. and began sharing her consciousness technology. She is known as the Graceful Transformation Expert and featured as one of the Top 24 New Thought Leaders in the World. Her clients find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of harmony, abundance and creativity in their daily lives.

Casey Holt loves Kauai and loves being tour guide and sharing the special sites and energies of the island with guests.

Casey anchors the energy of the Divine Masculine energy. He has studied with a wide range of world-renown teachers of tantra and loving relationships, making him an excellent model for the Divine Masculine in a Sacred Union relationship.


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