Accelerate Your Clients Success

Become a Certified Emotional Mental Detox Coach

Your clients will heal faster, with less resistance when you help them deprogram their subconscious limiting beliefs, delete their emotional triggers  and transform their unresolved emotional pain into compassion.

On-Line Training

Each week, for 8 weeks, you will receive 1 training module that will consist of Level 1 and Level 2 lessons.

Quick & Easy Practicum

As a Coach Candidate, you sign up 2-4 clients to participate in your coaching program that includes the EMDetox at its core. 


Each week x 8, you will receive a coach-the-coach session with Suzanna to build confidence and competence. 


We need more coaches fo the Emotional-Mental Detox Program. If you are a certified and experienced coach, counselor or therapist, consider getting certified to coach on this amazing consciousness technology.

EMDetox Integration Coach Certification Program is designed for practitioners and professionals who want to add the Emotional Mental Detox (EMDetox) Program to their business and provide coaching support to their clients as they go through the Integration Process.  EMDetox will help their clients clear their subconscious programming, emotional triggers and unresolved trauma to accelerate your treatment success. 

Becoming a Certified Emotional-Mental Detox Integration Coach enables you to use our programs with your clients.  This valuable resource adds a new dimension of grace and ease to your practice; allowing you to get faster and lasting results.

The EMDetox Coach Certification does not include general coaching or business skills. Instead, it is focused on how to help your clients integrate the changes that the EMDetox initiates in their lives. The training is very specific to our transformative technology.

Even though these changes are always moving clients toward their true essence, any change can be stressful when it is not understood or supported. The role of the coach is to keep clients on track, moving through the program and helping them to understand how the Consciousness 2.0 Technology is upgrading their perceptions and life.

(Note: Suzanna’s Soul Purpose Business Accelerator Program helps you set up a new coaching/healing business or upgrade the one you have.)

Certification Process

  1. Experience the program yourself as a participant
  2. Apply for training/certification
  3. Receive training, which will be delivered via internet using Webinar and Video
  4. Complete Practicum, which includes Suzanna coaching the coaches
  5. Complete evaluation
  6. Receive certification

Core Elements

The Core Elements of the EMDetox Coach Certification are:

  1. On-Line Training
  2. Practicum
  3. Coach-The-Coach Support

On-Line Training:

You will access the training content on-line on the Membership site. Each week, for 8 weeks, you will receive 1 training session that will consist of Level 1 and Level 2 training modules.

  • Level 1: An 8-Session recorded teleseminar where you experience Suzanna leading a group of students through the EMDetox Program. Hear Suzanna coach her clients through the integration process. This teleseminar gives you a good ideal of what integration coaching is and the value of coaching support.
  • Level 2: An 8-Session on-line training series. In this in-depth training, Suzanna breaks down each of the detox sessions. She explains what each session delivers and detoxes, the kinds of issues, questions and insights that come up for clients in each session. Level 1&2 Content Outline:
    1. Preparation and Getting Started
    2. Male Aspect Detox
    3. Female Aspect Detox
    4. Fear, Anxiety, Worry Detox
    5. Pain, Sorrow, Grief Detox
    6. Guilt and Judgment Detox
    7. Lack and Limitation Detox
    8. WrapUp and Evaluation


As a Coach Candidate, you sign up 2-4 clients to participate in your coaching program. The amount you charge your clients should include the cost of the EMDetox Digital Program and your coaching services bundled together.

Live 1-on-1 Coach-The-Coach Support with Suzanna

Each week, for 8 weeks, you will receive a coach-the-coach session with Suzanna so you feel confident in leading your client through the detox program every step of the way. This is where you ask questions, share your clients status, get insight, support and encouragement.


  • Coaching Candidates must complete and integrate their own Emotional-Mental Detox using Suzanna Kennedy’s program.
  • Optional, but highly recommended: successful completion of the Divine Human Upgrade Program and the Soul Purpose Business Accelerator Program.

Certification Requirements

To successfully meet the Certification criteria, coaching candidates must have 2-4 clients who complete the entire program and submit survey forms with highly satisfied evaluations of your coaching performance.

Upon completion, coaches will receive a pdf Certificate and digital seal (as shown) to place on your website.

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