Emotional Mental Detox
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LIVE: Emotional Mental Detox Teleseminar is forming. Suzanna is taking applications now. When class is full, we will start.

Find out if this is the right fit for you. Suzanna will ask you when you are available for Teleseminar that will meet once a week for 8 weeks. Be ready with some times that will work for you.

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What's Included?

EMDetox Self-Study Kit

While you are waiting for the teleseminar to begin, you may want to use the self-study kit for a head-start.

Then repeat the sessions with Suzanna and the group.

This is an optional bonus.

8 Teleclasses Meetings

Live Teleseminar with Suzanna. Group Coaching and Community Sharing.

Meeting once a week for 8 weeks

Suzanna customizes the detox session for the group, bringing through the highest frequencies and highest good of the members.

Reality Crafting Session

After detoxing the old, in the last session, you have the opportunity to co-create an upgrade in one aspect of your life.

And you can benefit from the communities upgrade as well. 

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EMDetox Teleseminar Content

Each detox week, we will follow a similar agenda, as follows:

  1. Q&A - Coaching
  2. Detox Session
  3. Community Sharing

Preparing For Transformation

Triple Flame Activation
Source Connection
Q&A, Community Sharing

Inner Father Detox

Deprogram control issues, distrust, betrayal, victimhood. Transform resentment, frustration, anger, hatred into compassion. Align with integrity. Create healthy boundaries. 

week 3

Inner Mother Detox

Deprogram feminine suppression, fear of abandonment, betrayal and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity and receptivity.

Inner Child Detox

Heal the scared inner child of past trauma. Deprogram fearful thought patterns that lead to anxiety, worry, terror, panic and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Feel safe.

Pain Detox

Deprogram thought patterns and neutralize memories that cause  pain, sorrow and grief. Release painful stuck energy that causes illness and attracts injury. Replace with joy and self-love. Replace drama with grace and ease.

Guilt Detox

Deprogram judgment, victim & blame patterns. Release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner-critic, judge, jury and punisher. Embrace self-love and compassion for yourself and others. 

week 7

Lack Detox

Deprogram lack, limitation & separation. Release false beliefs of not enough and unworthiness.  Embrace your true value as an infinite being of love. Expand your ability to receive more: love, connection, abundance. 

Reality Crafting

After detoxing the old, in this session, you have the opportunity to co-create an upgrade in one aspect of your life.

And you can benefit from the upgrade of other members as well.

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