Consciousness 2.0 Technology

Detox your consciousness to uninstall self-limiting beliefs, fear,
painful memories and emotional triggers.

Install your Highest True Self, programmed for
compassion, joy, unity and abundance.

Consciousness 2.0 Technology is a Belief Change & Energy Psychology Modality created by Suzanna Kennedy in 1998. Since then, she has applied this consciousness technology by designing programs to help awakening humans deprogram their subconscious mind so they can consciously create their Paradise on Earth and fulfill their Soul’s purpose.
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Triple Flame Activation

Consciousness 2.0 Technology is used to to detox the Energy Field (aura), which purifies your negative thoughts and emotions and raises your vibration.

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Biofeedback Results

See how the energy field (aura) responds immediately to the conscious intentional commands given in the Triple Flame Activation, delivered as a guided meditation.

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Emotional Mental Detox

Consciousness 2.0 is used to deprogram the subconscious mind & release negative emotions.  What's in the Emotional Mental Detox Kit? What are the benefits?

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