Consciousness 2.0 Technology

Your whole life can be upgraded.
Detox your consciousness to uninstall self-limiting beliefs, fear,
painful memories and emotional triggers.


Install your Highest True Self, programmed for
compassion, joy, unity and abundance.

Consciousness 2.0 Technology is a Belief Change & Energy Psychology Modality created by Suzanna Kennedy in 1998. Since then, she has applied this consciousness technology by designing programs to help awakening humans deprogram their subconscious mind so they can consciously create their Paradise on Earth and fulfill their Soul’s purpose.

Triple Flame Activation

Energy Field Detox & Aura Cleanse

With Biofeedback Results

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Meet Suzanna, Creator of the Consciousness 2.0 Technology

Suzanna shares the purpose, process and benefits of detoxing your subconscious mind, deleting your automatic reactions and transforming your emotional pain into self-love and compassion.


Announcing the new improved, Reality Crafting System,
created with Consciousness 2.0 Technology

 This systematic, step-by-step, transformational process reprograms your mind and body so you can finally express your True Divine Self and Soul's Purpose and consciously create your Personal Paradise.

These steps include:

Emotional Mental Detox

Purge limiting self-identity program and transmute unresolved emotional energy

Divine Human Upgrades

Reprogram your body, mind & heart to embody & express your True Divine Self

Creatress Empowerment Circle

Consciously craft your reality to express your personal Paradise and Soul gifts

Step 1

Emotional Mental Detox Program

Detox Your Limiting Beliefs, Delete Your Emotional Triggers and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, Neutralize Your Traumatic Memories and Transform Your Painful Emotions Into Divine Love and Compassion – Permanently!

A 6-week guided inner journey to release the 6 core programming errors and heal the 6 core wounds that all human share from growing up on Planet Earth.

Quickly, easily and gracefully, let go of the first 7 years of obsolete programming
So the True New You Can Shine Through!

The Emotional Mental Detox Program is a combination of our 6-part audio/video digital course, plus 2 individual coaching sessions to help you understand and integrate the changes to your consciousness and reality that result from the detox sessions.

Allow the Emotional Mental Detox Program to eliminate the programmed resistance and suppression of your True Self. Upgrade every aspect of your life by eliminating the programmed resistance in every part of your life, including: work, relationships, finances, health, romance, conscious manifestation and soul purpose.

Results Of The
Emotional Mental Detox Program

Freedom From:

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Self-Sabotaging Programs
  • Heavy Emotional Baggage
  • Trauma related to memories
  • Hot Buttons that Trigger Automatic Reactions

Enjoy Instead:

  • More energy
  • Improved health
  • Inner peace
  • Emotional freedom
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity

Plus You Will Be Grateful For:

  • Improved relationships because you are less reactive, more present and able to make conscious choices
  • Energetic Balance of: Mind & Heart; Thinking & Feeling; Giving & Receiving
  • Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance and more confidence in your decisions
  • Freedom from approval-seeking because you no longer fear abandonment and rejection Speaking your truth and setting heathy boundaries


Teresa Kaczmarczyk

Project Manager, New York

"Suzanna is one-of-a-kind mentor. I found her after losing a long-term position. I was jumping from one short-term project to another, with no benefits or long term security. I felt isolated and anxious about my future. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to invest in Suzanna’s Creatress Empowerment Circle. Together we co-created the job of my dreams. Suzanna has proven to me, that we do indeed create our own reality. With the amazing toolbox she shares, and the high vibration she brings, she makes a powerful co-creative partner."

Lisa Wilson

Women's Empowerment Leader

Suzanna's Reality Crafting System was a much needed gift through my transformation. With her Emotional-Mental Detox Program, I found myself clearing layers of outdated programs, patterns and beliefs in record time. As I dove into Suzanna's more advanced, Divine Human Upgrade Program, I was mesmerized by the shifts and changes taking place for me on all levels.

Jaecinta Harris

CEO Eclipse Entertainment

Suzanna is among the cutting-edge of healers and teachers in these changing times, and has been gifted with many phenomenal technologies from Source to bring healing, wholeness, and happiness into your Life.

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The Emotional Mental Detox Program

Introducing the
Emotional Mental Detox
Deprogramming Kit +PLUS+
2 Private Calls With Suzanna

Each one of the 6 Guided Detox Meditations addresses one of the six core Programming Errors that all humans have in common.

Detox limiting subconscious beliefs and the emotional pain that keeps you locked in stress, struggle and pain.

Plus 2 private phone calls with Suzanna to begin and complete your transformational journey.

Six Detox Sessions

#1 Men & Masculine Energy

Deprogram control issues, distrust, victimhood, betrayal. Transform resentment, frustration, anger, hatred into compassion. Align with integrity. Create healthy boundaries. 

#2 Female & Feminine Energy

Deprogram feminine suppression, fear of abandonment, betrayal and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity and receptivity.

#3 Fear Detox

Deprogram fearful thought patterns that lead to anxiety, worry, terror, panic and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Express courage and enjoy empowerment.

#4 Pain Detox

Deprogram thought patterns and neutralize memories that cause  pain, sorrow and grief. Release painful stuck energy that causes illness and attracts injury. Replace with joy and self-love. Attract grace instead of dramas.

#5 Guilt, Judgment Detox

Deprogram judgment and blame patterns and release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner-critic, judge, jury and punisher. Embrace self-love and compassion for others. 

#6 Lack Detox

Deprogram lack, limitation and separation. Release false beliefs of not enough and unworthiness.  Embrace your true value as an infinite being of love. Expand your ability to receive more: love, connection, abundance. 


Step On To Your Path To Freedom & Authenticity

Create a powerful and permanent change in your life today.


Easy Pay


Per Month x 3

  • 2 Private Sessions
  • Get A New Session Every 14 Days
    Complete In 12 Weeks
  • 6 EMDetox ReProgramming Sessions
  • 6 Bonuses

Save $$


Best Value

  • 2 Private Sessions
  • Get A New Session Every 7 Days
  • Complete In 6 Weeks
  • 6 EMDetox Reprogramming Sessions
  • 6 Bonuses

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Emotional Mental Detox +Plus+ program provides you with the technologies and coaching that helps you integrate the transformational changes that the detox sessions activate in your life. I am so confident that this process will work for you to create a better relationship with yourself and set you up for success in life, that I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

If you give it your best shot by completing the first 1 or 2 detox sessions, attending the first Coaching Session and asking for assistance. If we determine this program is not a good fit for, we will refund your money.

** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.**

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions?

If you are ready to start your Emotional Mental Detox, but still have some lingering questions or need help breaking through the resistance to change, book a call with Suzanna.

She will answer your questions, help you break through the ego's resistance to change and get you signed up for the payment option that works best for you.

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