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Suzanna Kennedy

Empowerment Leader, Accelerated Soul Evolution Mentor, The Graceful Transformation Expert, Co-Creative Partner



How did you become a Empowerment Leader?

Every life has a turning point, when the old paradigms have completely shut down and there is no choice, but to take a leap of faith. That moment happened for me in 1997.

Picture this:

I was in a comfortable marriage and had two wonderful children who were ready to leave the nest. I lived in a gracious home in a well-to-do suburb of Detroit. I held a prestigious position as a corporate training consultant in the auto industry. I was widely respected throughout the world for the programs I designed and led. To an outsider it looked like I was living the dream life.

In reality, I was weary from struggling each day to succeed in my role as a creative leader in the male-dominated auto industry. It was a life of constant running to keep up with my professional and personal obligations. I had no time for myself and I was nearing the breaking point. I was a dry, burned out wounded warrior.

My life was completely out of balance and I knew it was time for a massive upgrade! Like many professional and successful women, I was unconsciously following the male model of success. Even though I was afraid to live without it, I longed to lay down my armor and craft a new reality to restore my true Self.

The Experience That Radically Changed The Course Of My Life

One Saturday morning I woke up and felt intense fiery waves of energy moving up my spine. I uttered a silent call for help, asking, “What is happening to me?” I heard a soft, but strong and compassionate Voice clearly inside, “You are giving birth to yourself. Just breathe”. I remembered the Lamaze breath from childbirth and kept it going for more than an hour as the energy coursed through me.

When it finally subsided, I knew my life from that day forward would never be the same. What was birthed that day was my True Divine Self – what I had been previously calling “my Higher Self.”

I could suddenly feel the vastness of my being. I felt the creative power of my true spiritual essence – a core of infinite love. And I could clearly see that who I thought I was, just moments before, was a limiting and false identity. I could see that what we call the ego is like a database of beliefs, mental programming and emotional conditioning inherited and absorbed in early childhood.

That energy, pulsing through my body, pulled back the curtain and revealed the layers of “not me” hiding my True Divine Presence. The realization that you and I and all humans are the Sacred Union of divinity and physicality astounded and delighted me. I made the decision right then and there that I was going to dedicate my life to serving as the activator and spiritual midwife for human divinity. From that point, my life’s journey took a radical change in direction.

suzanna_2It Unlocked Creative Powers I Never Imagined!

I understood on a deeply intuitive level that you and I have dormant abilities that, up until now, were considered superhuman powers. Yet they are really natural to us, just hidden away beneath layers of ego programming and emotional density. Suddenly, I KNEW how to restructure and release the programming that prevents us from accessing our spiritual essence and unique soul gifts. The inner Voice stayed with me and guided me on a wonderful adventure to sacred sites around the world where I received spiritual activations, initiations and downloaded information from higher dimensions. Driven to share this new information and creative power, I spent the next year documenting the information and integrating the activations and initiations I received. I used my skills as a training designer to organize it all into a clear, concise, and step-by-step format for others to follow.

Fast forward to today:

After awakening my true Divine Feminine Creatrive Power, I abandoned the outworn, male-centric business model that was controlling my life. I stopped struggling, fighting and overworking to prove my worth and make things happen. I stepped into my authentic self as a Conscious Creator who unites Pure Intent with Infinite love.

Now I co-create with Creative Source, in alignment with the Highest Good of all. With Source Creator at the helm, lower forms dissolve and are replaced by a new reality that takes shape with grace and ease.

So in loving support of women like me, I created the Reality Crafting System™. It’s step-by-step process and support system for anyone ready to break through their old programming and turn on their creative powers to serve the greatest good of life, love, humanity and the planet.

I AM Grateful and honored to have worked with many private clients, spoke to countless groups, taught 1000s of teleclasses and lived my dream of running a global, heart-based prosperous business while living on this beautiful island Paradise. And I AM grateful that my Sacred Union Partner, Casey, followed his heart and found me here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and settled here to love and support me in the most soul-nourishing way.

What makes you different from other “Feminine Empowerment Leaders”?

I am not given to spout new-age philosophy and leave you struggling to figure out how to apply it to your life. My Master’s Degree in Performance Technology prepared me to design solutions that permanently change you —at the cellular level of your DNA!

I created the Reality Crafting System™, a step-by-step process for women ready to break through their old programming and turn on their creative powers to serve the greatest good of life, love, humanity and the planet. suz2

Even though I refer to a step-by-step process, don’t get the idea that it is a linear, rigorous, burdensome task. The unique Consciousness 2.0 Technology™ at the foundation of my system is presented in a guided meditation-type style.

Each upgrade lovingly guides you to relax into a profoundly transformative and beautiful inner journey, moving you through successive degrees of freedom and expansion. All you have to do is listen and follow along. It works even if you are not good at meditation or visualization.

This core transformation initiates a ripple effect that upgrades your self-image, your ability to see through illusion and master your thoughts and emotions. From this new foundation, you will make new conscious healthy choices and take action in alignment with your highest good and soul purpose.

As training professional in the area of soul evolution, my job is to prepare you to fulfill your life’s sacred mission. The world needs you to be who you really are and do what you came here to do! I AM a master at balancing the speed of transformation with grace and ease.

My guiding force is the Divine Mother. She’s taught me how to hold a strong and steady alchemical container of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power in which you can relax and allow your human divinity to birth and grow. And if necessary, just like Divine Mother, I may have to apply some tough love when necessary. I don’t beat around bush or waste time. You may not like everything I say – but I promise to tell you the truth about what’s standing in the way of getting the results you want, in record time. Don’t worry; I’ll throw in a spoonful of humor and inspiration to help the medicine go down. Or if you are ready for the next step, congratulations. Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. That being said, since this feels right to you — let’s go for it! Here’s what you do.

If you haven’t done so already, just click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Strategy Call.  I’ll answer all your questions and to map out the best way to break through your major challenges and get you the results you want the easiest, quickest and most graceful way possible. I can’t wait to meet you in person or on the phone to get you started on your path to Accelerated Soul Evolution. And I am honored to be the one to co-create your Paradise on Earth.

Blessings for a graceful transformation,