Reality Crafting
with Suzanna

I inspire and empower you to remember that YOU are a Divine Being in a human body, gifted by The Universe with the ability to consciously co-create your own reality in our world on Earth.

What aspects of your life do you like?

What parts do you want to change?

I'm here to help you upgrade your life in the quickest, easiest, most graceful way possible.

Join Me in Crafting YOUR Paradise Reality!

Experience Consciousness 2.0 Technology in action.
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Triple Flame Activation &
Aura Cleanse Meditation.


To me, upgrading human consciousness is not only possible, it's crucial!

My soul's mission is to pave the Pathway To Paradise by applying my unique Consciousness 2.0 Technologytm to transformational products, training and community support.

I am here to empower you as you awaken to your true Divine Nature and liberate yourself from the Illusion of Separation Matrix, embody your Divine Truth and consciously co-create a new reality of love, freedom, health and greater abundance for all.

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Resources for every stage of your
transformational  journey

Member Community

Twice per month, Divine Being Human community members attend video conference for coaching, consciousness upgrades & world service.

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Transformational  Meditations

Consciousness 2.0 Technology applied to address specific issues, delivered in a guided meditation style.

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Consciousness Upgrades

Combining a self-paced on-line course with LIVE group coaching & community connection via video conference.

Transform YourSelf
Quantum Frequency Device

Wearable device that analyzes your information field and delivers harmonizing frequencies for health, wealth and happiness.

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Reality Crafting Paradise

A series of 6 private Reality Crafting Sessions via telephone with Suzanna to manifest your version of Paradise on Earth.

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Deprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Consciousness Technology makes it quick & easy to create significant, permanent, positive changes.

Upgrade your consciousness = Upgrade your life

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Divine Feminine Empowerment

Are you strong, smart & successful, yet battle weary, stressed and unfulfilled?

Is your soul calling you to be something more, for yourself, and for the world?

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Evolve Past Toxic Relationships

Learn the 3 mindset shifts for deep healing after leaving a toxic relationship...
so you create and develop loving, conscious, soul-nourishing relationships.

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Frequencies For Health & Well-Being

A small device (controlled by a smartphone app) that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs to harmonize the Bioenergetic Field for body, mind & Soul.

Self-Healing Technology