Activate Your Potential as a 5D Leader

Align Your Career With Your Soul's Purpose

Are you a high-achieving woman who feels called to make a deeper impact and align your professional success with your spiritual path? Do you sense that you have a unique contribution to make as a leader, but feel unsure about how to navigate the journey from success to soul purpose?

If so, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Soul-Aligned Success Strategy call with me. In this powerful 45-minute conversation, we'll:

  • Clarify your vision for purposeful leadership and the impact you want to make
  • Identify the key challenges and obstacles currently holding you back from fully aligning your career with your spiritual calling
  • Assess your readiness for 5D leadership and explore areas for growth and development
  • Explore strategies and next steps to accelerate your journey towards authentic, impactful leadership
  • Determine if my coaching programs and support could be a good fit to help you achieve your goals

To claim your complimentary Soul-Aligned Success Strategy call, simply click the button below to schedule a time that works best for you. Please come prepared to dive deep and explore the full potential of your purposeful leadership.


Dear Evolutionary,

Are you a high-achieving professional who's experience career success, yet feels a persistent whisper that there's something more? Do you sense a deeper calling, a desire to integrate your hard-earned success with a greater purpose? You're not alone.

Is This You?

  • Despite your outward success, do you feel unfulfilled or disconnected from your true self?
  • Are you struggling to balance your professional life with your emerging spiritual awareness?
  • Do you yearn to make a more meaningful impact but feel constrained by traditional leadership models?
  • Are you battling burnout, seeking a way to lead that nourishes your soul as well as your career?
  • Do you feel isolated, unable to share your spiritual awakening with colleagues who might not understand?

If you've nodded to any of these, you're in the right place. It's time to embrace your role as a 5D Leader. 

A Vision of Transformation

Imagine stepping into a leadership role that not only leverages your professional expertise but also aligns with your deepest values and spiritual insights.

Picture yourself:

  • Leading with intuitive confidence, making decisions that benefit both the bottom line and the greater good.
  • Inspiring your team through authentic, purpose-driven leadership.
  • Balancing success with inner peace, no longer sacrificing one for the other.
  • Connecting with a community of like-minded women who understand and support your journey.
  • Making a lasting, positive impact on your organization, your community, and the world.

This is the power of 5D Leadership, and it's within your reach.

Aloha & Welcome,
I'm Suzanna Kennedy!

Twenty-five years ago, I was exactly where you might be now - a successful professional woman feeling inexplicably unfulfilled despite my outward success.

Even though I was trusted with more high-profile projects and clients in my consulting firm, a persistent whisper inside me grew louder. I kept asking myself, "is this my true path? What is my soul purpose?"

That inner calling led me on a transformative journey from corporate success to becoming an Ascension Catalyst and 5D Leadership Coach. Now, with over two decades of experience and  author of Sacred Union: Ascending To A 5D Paradise, I guide women like you to align their professional brilliance with their soul's deeper purpose.

If you're sensing there's more to your career than just success - if you're yearning for meaning, impact, and true fulfillment - you're in the right place. Let's explore how you can become the authentic, purpose-driven leader you're meant to be.  

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5D Leadership Essentials

Personal Mastery Courses

Access transformative digital courses and a supportive community to begin your journey as a 5D Leader.

This self-paced program provides the foundational tools and knowledge to align your career with your soul's purpose.


5D Leadership Accelerator

Group Coaching Circle

Accelerate your growth with bi-monthly group coaching calls, mastermind sessions, and advanced workshops.

This program offers personalized guidance and a collaborative environment to deepen your 5D Leadership skills.


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3-Month Program

Experience intensive, one-on-one guidance from Suzanna, tailored to your unique leadership journey.

This three-month program offers deep, personalized support to rapidly elevate your consciousness and leadership potential. 


Private Retreat On Kauai

5 Glorious Days In Paradise

Immerse yourself in transformation on Kauai, one of Earth's most nurturing and feminine landscapes.

This exclusive retreat combines intensive personal work with the island's healing energy, catalyzing your 5D evolution.



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