Deep Relaxation Meditation

Stillness and Peace

A state of relaxation is beneficial to the health and well being of your body, your mind and your spirit. It decreases blood pressure, boosts your immunity and allows your mind to rest from the constant chatter and noise of everyday living that we have grown accustomed to and consider being a normal part of life. This meditation will guide you into a deep state of stillness and rest at every level of your being.


"Lovely! I entered a state of very deep relaxation that I did not want to leave.....just floating easily in a sea of clouds somehow feeling that all of me was wonderfully moist and hydrated with nothing else that I ever wanted to do but continue to floating peacefully. I actually began to feel peaceful from the minute I started to listen to the meditation as if my being already knew what was coming. Looking forward to repeating the experience!"  ~~ Miki Hock

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Guided Meditaiton .mp3 audio download

$19.00 USD