How You Created Your Reality Bubble

May 13, 2023

By Suzanna Kennedy

Your consciousness and self-identity (a.k.a. ego) is a collection of beliefs and patterns of behavior that you “downloaded” into your subconscious in the first seven years of your life.

Entering The Game World

Place your perspective at your soul level, deciding to incarnate into the holographic playground you call Earth. It’s kinda like beginning in a sophisticated video game. You get an organic virtual reality game suit, called your body and an artificial intelligence device, called your mind.

Before entering the game, you (in your soul consciousness) decide on the objectives you want to achieve. Your objectives may include things like having a particular experience, balancing karma, or mastering a particular skill or aspect of humanity. You may volunteer to come to Earth on a mission to serve Mother Earth and/or humanity in a particular way. The possibilities are endless.

Creating Your Avatar

Once your objectives are clarified, you create an avatar. Your avatar includes the organic virtual body suit, its gender, and its physical characteristics. It includes an artificial intelligence unit, pre-programmed with certain capacities and limitations. You choose a family and home environment that will create the best foundation to meet your objectives. You choose a time and place to be born so the celestial energies will support your objectives. You load your DNA with special knowledge, experience, superpowers, and previously mastered talents from other lifetimes that will serve your objectives.

Your soul enters the developing fetus that will be your Earth game suit approximately 3 months before birth. And the artificial intelligence unit starts downloading information from the environment. Once you are born, the focus shifts. The Soul takes more of a back-seat role, stepping in occasionally to keep the avatar aligned with the objectives.

Meanwhile the avatar, for the most part, forgets about your soul. Your AI mind is programmed to construct a self-identity and learn the rules of the gameboard of Earth through experience.

Learning The Game Rules

In the first seven years, you are interacting with your family and environment. You try to understand the rules of the game by observing the cause and effect of various scenarios. All stimuli-response events are recorded.

Consider each event as a memory bubble. The movie, Inside Out, by Pixar, illustrates this beautifully. I highly recommend you see this.

Imagine an energetic bubble. Inside an event plays out like a movie. Your belief system is the screenwriter. So of course, you are always the star of each movie. Your family plays supporting actors, each with their unique personalities and characteristics. There’s the stage and the scene. Your AI unit records each scene, including the emotional content of everyone involved.

Every night when your game suit sleeps, the memory bubbles of the day’s events are sorted into short or long-term memory. Bubbles with low emotional content are discarded. Those with high emotional content are saved. Your AI looks for scenarios that repeat, giving them more weight and value.

Based on repeating patterns, your AI assigns meaning to these patterns, which you call beliefs.

Remember, in the first seven years, your AI is in learning mode. So in these early stages of learning, the meaning you assign may have nothing to do with fact-based truth. Your AI decides what is true by giving high value to repeating patterns. These decisions about what is true about you and your relationship to the world become a sophisticated belief system that is the basis of your self-identity, a.k.a. your ego.

Your AI constructs your avatar’s personality, beliefs, perceived talents and limits, and relative value in the whole scheme of things. Your avatar’s personality maybe be, and most often is, very different from the true essence of your soul.

Your Artificial Intelligence Becomes Conscious

When you are about seven years old, the logical functions of your AI program come online. Before then, you were in an unfiltered data collection mode. Now your AI consciously processes new information by referring to the stored database.

Your belief system becomes a script-writer, constructing mini-movies that are projected onto a holographic screen all around you, that you refer to as your reality. These movie projections are designed to justify your beliefs. When you perceive, however falsely, that your beliefs have been validated, these mini-movies are stored in long-term memory. If a memory bubble contains an event that seems contrary to your beliefs, they are discarded.

I’m sure by now, you have observed repeating patterns in your relationships and life circumstances. How many times have you observed yourself in a pattern and proclaimed something like, “I can’t help it. It’s just who I am”?

It’s not really who you are. The truth is you are a Divine Being, playing a human game. And when you become aware of that truth, you have the opportunity to learn how to consciously re-create your reality instead of being a victim of your obsolete, limiting, AI-created self-image.

Anti-Virus Software

But the AI is persistent. And within its very complex programming, there is a virus detection system. What does your AI define as a virus? Any substantial change to your self-identity program. That’s right. This is also known as your comfort zone.

It’s only comfortable for your AI. Your AI is software. It doesn’t feel your emotional pain. It doesn’t perceive the longing of your soul to wake up and create the life you love instead of suffering with the life the AI created by default.

That’s why it's so hard to make meaningful change, even change for the better. Your self-identity program goes into defense mode and uses well-tested strategies to keep you the same. These strategies can include excuses projected into your mind like, “Not enough time, not enough money, my husband won’t like it, I’m too tired, nothing ever works for me.”

The real reason that you can’t get past the AI comfort zone is that the problem cannot be solved at the level of your mind. Your mind is AI, remember? It’s not going to let you destroy it. You have to connect with your heart and soul and let them lead you to a solution.

It’s a well-worn reminder from Albert Einstein, “You can’t solve the problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Getting To The Next Level Of The Video Game

The good news is that solutions do exist. In fact, I created one over 20 years ago and thousands have applied it to deprogram their AI so they can start consciously creating a life they love, from their heart and soul.

In my next blog entitled, How To Dis-create The Old Reality Bubble Using The Emotional Mental Detox Program, I’ll describe how the Emotional Mental Detox program not only deletes the obsolete, limiting AI avatar identity, but also transforms the painful emotions from the AI-generated memory bubbles.

You can start fresh, consciously choosing beliefs that empower you and help you create loving relationships, an environment where you can thrive, and a soul-nourishing way to share your unique gifts and creative expression.