Gaining Multi-Dimensional Awareness and Understanding

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Gaining Multi-Dimensional Awareness and Understanding

Not much for small talk, I enjoyed having lunch with a former client, turned friend, who was visiting my island Paradise here on Kauai. Both of us are committed to gaining multi-dimensional awareness and understanding.

The conversation was deep and satisfying, touching on several topics worthy of further exploration. The journey to self-realization and enlightenment can be confusing. You find teachers using words and phrases, which turn into buzzwords that students repeat without understanding their true meaning and purpose.

My lovely lunch-time conversation covered these topics that I’d like to explore further:

  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Integration For Achieving Spiritual Growth And Development
  • Prosperity Consciousness For Improving Manifestation Abilities And Success

In my next blog post, I describe Spiritual Bypassing as a false path to achieving spiritual growth.