New Home In A New Universe

Sep 12, 2018

©Suzanna Kennedy

Beings in space salute the Earth in her glory today as she passes through the birth canal and out into a new universe. She is born into a new octave of grace and ease.

She gathers to her those whose heart resonates with love and hope. Their prayers are answered. Fading now into distant memory is the Illusion of Separation and all that it has brought into form.

Gathering form now are those hopes and dreams of Paradise. You may wonder if you are alone in this new world. When you look around, you see with great gratitude, hail, hail the gang’s all here.

I AM Grace. I Am ease. I am flowing as love and grace. I am expressing as joy and grace. Ease in all things small and large.

Fading away into distant memory: struggle, strife, suffering of all kind. Flowing into distant, distant and more distant memory. Did that ever happen? Was it all a bad dream? Yes. It was just a bad dream.

I AM awake now in my True Life. A sigh of relief. The tension dissolves. Relaxation softens me. I AM home safe.

Copyright 2018 Suzanna Kennedy