Upgrading Your Reality Bubble

ascension conscious creation thought become things May 05, 2023
Reality Crafting

By Suzanna Kennedy
Ascension coaching for spiritual growth

I love standing in a place where science and spirituality form a Sacred Union. Quantum physics is the place where science can finally clarify and prove what spiritual teachers have told us all along.

Now we know: Thoughts create things. Quantum mechanics proves that your consciousness projects your reality onto a holographic screen, 360 degrees around you. You have a personal holographic reality bubble; a unique universe of our own making.

But what happens when you outgrow or don’t like the reality you created? What happens when you realize that our consciousness was subject to manipulative outside interference? What happens when you realize that you unconsciously constructed your reality by default because you didn’t know the rules of the game?

What can you do If you find yourself trapped in a hamster wheel of work, exhaustion, anxiety, and despair?

What I’ve learned is that you can’t upgrade your life by trying to change the outside circumstances. Leaving a soul-crushing job or dysfunctional relationship and moving to a location won’t create permanent change. Your limiting beliefs and programming will follow you. Where ever you go, there you are. Your subconscious will re-create the same patterns in the next job, the next relationship, and the new place.

The good news is that you can upgrade your consciousness, which permanently upgrades your reality. You can learn the principles of conscious Reality Crafting to create a life you love; your version of Paradise on Earth.

Real change comes when you delete the subconscious programming and transform painful emotions into love. That is why I created the Emotional Mental Detox Program 20+ years ago. Since then, thousands have used this program to release their “not me” programming to allow their true authentic self to shine through and upgrade every aspect of their life.

In upcoming blog posts, I will explain:

  • How you created a limiting and painful reality bubble by default
  • How to dis-create the old reality bubble using the 
    Emotional Mental Detox program
  • How to consciously create your upgraded personal paradise

The Great Awakening is happening on a global scale. And people are waking up angry. How do you feel when you find out that all along you could have been a powerful creator? Have you realized that there has been an agenda to keep that information hidden from you? You have been purposely deceived into thinking you could depend on the king, the church, the government, or the institutional experts. Did you believe their knowledge and benevolence would provide a safe and easy life?  

In truth, they have kept you ignorant of your creative power because they are afraid of you! More and more people are awakening to the truth of their deception and corruption. And those corrupt leaders are afraid we will discover their secrets, overthrow them and take back our power. Rebellion is popping up all over the world now.

I advise you to take back your power to upgrade your own reality bubble first. From that place of strength, you will then have the energy, wisdom, and love to unite with others who have done the same. Together we can create a New Paradise Reality.