The Difference Between The Transcendence And Integration Paths

anger ascension coach deprogramming subconscious integration law of attraction transcendence Aug 03, 2023

By Suzanna Kennedy

Ooops. I had some (ironically) angry comments by self-proclaimed light workers when I started offering my Transforming Anger Into Peace webinar.

I’m kinda glad because it gives me the opportunity to explain the very important difference between TRANSCENDENCE and INTEGRATION and how these two paths lead to different outcomes if ascending into New Earth Paradise is your intention.

The light workers suggested that instead of focusing on anger, you should put your attention on peace so as not to draw anger to you. This is a quite common understanding of the Law of Attraction.

The advice is to ignore the hidden and suppressed energies in your body, mind and aura and raise your attention above them into peace. This is an example of transcendence.
It’s a valid choice. And I honor it. Yet your soul has guided you to me for a reason. So I feel it my responsibility to clearly explain the potential outcomes so you can make an informed decision.

The transcendence path (without integration) may lead you to ascension of your consciousness into a 5D reality that is etheric and not physical. In other words, you will have to drop your current body (die) to move permanently into that reality. I’ll explain why in a moment.

On the integration path instead of ignoring your shadow, you embrace it in compassion and transform it into love and peace.

Integration: Blend two (or more) different frequencies into a unified whole.

For example, during our Transforming Anger Into Peace webinar, you alchemically change the frequency of anger into the frequency of love and then settle into a state of peace. Past anger will be gone from your body and the hot button triggers will be gone from your subconscious mind.

In this way, you raise the frequency of your body, mind and aura and gracefully receive and integrate the gamma rays. Your body is able to evolve and transform in sync with Gaia as she transforms from a 3rd density planet to a 4th density planet. In this scenario, you stay physical and your physical bodies merges with your Light Body.

If you choose to transcend your shadow aspect instead of integrate it, you may find that the incoming gamma rays are causing “ascension symptoms”. This is because the denser energies of the shadow self are acting as block and resistance to the integration of the higher ascension frequencies.

You may also become increasingly uncomfortable in your body and may even experience severe or fatal illness. When you leave your body, you may ascend into the 5th dimensional ethereal reality or re-incarnate into the 4th density New Paradise Earth.

In contrast, if you choose to integrate your shadow and purify your body and aura, you will have an easier, more graceful time integrating the high gamma frequencies that are coming through the Sun. As Gaia goes through her transition for 3rd density to 4th density, you will evolve in sync and enjoy the ride.

You may still choose to drop your body. Recognizing that the body is a vehicle for the soul, you may decide to “trade in” your vehicle for a different model. This can be a conscious choice and a graceful exit.

See the difference? Your soul may evolve into the same place with both options. It’s the comfort and health of your body and the quality of your life through the transition that will be impacted most by this choice.

My soul purpose is clear. I incarnated here to offer assistance on the graceful path of integration, for those who wish to take it.