What Is Truth?

belief perception truth universal truth Dec 17, 2018

©Suzanna Kennedy

Here in this now moment,
the specter of truth is dangling in midair.

Why does it hang there?
Why is it shadowed and smoky?

What is the Universal Truth?

All is love.
All is one.
All else is perception.
Perception is colored by experience.

In this realm,
all perception is colored by the Illusion of Separation,

You can speak, expressing your perception.
Know that your perception is colored by your beliefs.
Beliefs are thoughts you decided to make true IN YOUR REALITY.

You bring thoughts into form
by your attention and allowance.

Infinite love is all:
Creative raw energy, formless.

Thought instructs infinite love how to express,
how to take shape and form.
Thoughts materialized
are perceived,

And given meaning that springs from
past perceptions of the illusional,
and sometimes delusional, experience.