Align With The Ascension Spiral

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Align With The Ascension Spiral

©Suzanna Kennedy

We are at a crossroads. There are two realities to choose from. Personally, I AM CHOOSING life, love, freedom and evolution to Align With The Ascension Spiral. The other choice is to stay in the Illusion of Separation Matrix that is rapidly falling apart. It is on a descending spiral leading to more war, poverty, restrictions and declining health. I'll explain how this works and why this conscious choice and commitment is so important now.

There is a raw, strong co-creative energy pulsing through our world. It seeks only to express itself. It has no pre-conceived agenda of what to be. Only to BE — to express.

I say it is co-creative, because on its own, it has no consciousness.

To Be or Not To Be

That is the question it seeks to answer as it pulsates through your consciousness, looking for instructions on how to express.

Creation happens when raw creative energy meets consciousness.

The co-creative pulse of energy that is spiraling through our world today is stronger than ever before. Why? Because for the first time in thousands of years, it is not meeting with any resistance.

New Super-Strong Creative Pulsations

The Creative Source is pulsing through the center of the galaxy and our planet is aligned in such a way that there is nothing to slow it down. There is nothing in its way to filter, distort or divert it.

What will this super strong creative energy find in your consciousness to express? Honestly, it has no agenda, no sense of discrimination.  It will be attracted to your most frequent thoughts, the ones that have the strongest emotional energy attached to them.

It’s easy for creative energy to give you more of what already exists because there is already a clear blueprint for it in your consciousness.

That is why I urge you to align with an ASCENDING spiral of conscious thought, conscious creation. Focusing on what you want to expand in your life.

How, You Ask?

Focus your attention on something, anything, even the smallest thing you can be grateful for, something you want MORE OF.  What is gratitude? LOVING something that already exists.  LOVE is the highest – strongest energy. And when you focus that energy on something you want more of, you are giving the creative energy clear, strong instructions on how to express itself.

To align with the Ascending Spiral, find and love the things in your life that bring you comfort, beauty and joy. And the creative energy will add more unto you.  Be grateful for the expansion that you receive and you will get even more. You will flow upward with the spiral, more grace, more ease, more love, joy, comfort, beauty – MORE to BE grateful for.

The Descending Spiral

Unfortunately, there can be a descending spiral. And if you find yourself focused on what you don’t want, the creative energy will give you more of that too.  Remember, it will seek out the thoughts that are most frequent, that have the strongest emotional energy attached to it.  If you are worrying, you are focusing thoughts on what you don’t want and attaching the strong emotion of fear to it. Remember, the creative energy is not discerning. The creative energy can co-create your worries too.

I won’t say any more about that, because I want to empower you to get on the ascending spiral.

Your Subconscious Mind

Neuroscience tells us that for most people, 90-95% of our thoughts are generated from our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind contains the imprints passed down in your DNA from your ancestors and all your experiences from the first 7 years of your life.

That’s why so many teachers are encouraging you to be PRESENT, MINDFUL and CONSCIOUS of your thoughts.

Simple, But Not Always Easy

If you find the repeating thought patterns running through your mind are running amok, it’s your subconscious mind at work.

My soul purpose and great joy to empower people by giving them tools, guidance, supportive community and a clear roadmap of the ascending spiral on the Pathway to Paradise.

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