Benefits of Detoxifying Your Mind and Emotions

ascension ascension coach authenticity emotional mental detox Jul 14, 2023

Personal Transformation With Ascension Coaching 

As an ascension coach, I am always looking for the quickest, easiest and most graceful way to bring permanent positive change for my clients. In my last blog post, A Unique Consciousness Technology, I described the first step in the ascension process is to raise out of the old, obsolete and limited belief system of the third dimensional reality so you can allow your true authenticity to shine through

Here are a few of the Benefits you can expect when you use The Emotional Mental Detox Program™ to detoxify your Mind and Emotions.

  • More energy
  • Improved health
  • Inner peace
  • Emotional freedom
  • Grounded, centered, connected
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved relationship with yourself and all others
  • Balance: Mind/Heart; Thinking/Feeling; Giving/Receiving
  • Develop Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance

Is This For You?

Wondering if The Emotional Mental Detox Program™ is right for you? If you have any of the conditions or challenges in the list below, you’ll find a great deal of help and positive change when you go through the program.

  • You have physical pain or illness
  • You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted
  • Your immune system is depressed
  • You have pent-up emotional pain (anger, grief, guilt, fear, shame, jealousy)
  • Your were conditioned to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself
  • You believe being nice is more important than speaking the truth
  • You grew up in a dysfunctional family
  • You have excessive mind chatter and an ‘inner critic’
  • You have low-self esteem
  • You attract more than your fair share of accidents or injuries
  • Your life seems filled with drama and/or trauma
  • You suffer from depression, exhaustion or addictions
  • People get angry around you for “no good reason”
  • You are positive, but you are surrounded by negative people
  • You feel stuck physically, emotionally or creatively
  • You’ve can’t find your sense of Self
  • You notice repeating, negative relationship patterns in your life
  • You are human

Quick, Easy, Graceful

Imagine lying down with your headset (easy) for one hour (quick) and listening to a soft, relaxing, loving feminine voice (graceful) guide you to simply imagine certain colors, shapes and pictures; and then repeat specific, positive intentions, all while doing specific breathing techniques.

While you breathe, you listen to her voice describe how a high harmonic frequency is neutralizing all the resentment, anger, rage, hatred and jealousy that you never fully expressed in your life. She describes how the harmonic frequencies are neutralizing the painful memories of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and abuse.

You don’t have to remember the pain, you don’t have to feel it, you don’t have to talk about it, you don’t have to cry or yell, you don’t have to forgive or apologize, you don’t have to punch a pillow.

Just Relax, Listen and Breathe ...

What You’ll Notice

When you go through The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™ you’ll notice powerful, positive changes begin to unfold in your life. At first, these changes may seem subtle. But within a very short period of time, you can expect ...

  • Situations that used to trigger your anger, guilt, fear or shame – don’t anymore.
  • You are less reactive, more present and able to make conscious choices. 
  • You suddenly find that you are not afraid of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You are no longer seeking other’s approval.
  • You feel more confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • It’s easier to say what’s on your mind.
  • It’s easier to say no and set healthy boundaries.
  • It’s easier to claim your own time and space.
  • You feel more at peace with yourself and with the world.

The world hasn’t changed, but you find that your response to it is much easier, less reactive, more grounded and centered. In other words: you respond to the world from a place of personal power, self-care and inner ease.

All this emotional healing from listening to a guided meditation? Yes! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In my next blog post, "Praise For EMDetox" I'll share what just a few people have shared about their experience using The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™.