Going Beyond Mom & Dad's Genes

ascension coach bruce lipton dna epigenetics Jun 23, 2023

It’s Not Mom or Dad’s Biology Alone

By understanding and applying the principles of transforming your DNA with positive thoughts
and feelings, we unlock a powerful tool for health, happiness, and spiritual growth.

Following on from my previous post, The Revolution in Genetic Research, I discovered why, as ascension coach, I could help people change their DNA during their lifetime. My mind was satisfied and I am happy to share what I learned with you.

We now know that your genes are much more than an unchangeable set of codes from mom and dad. What you’re actually getting from your parents (and your ancestors) is genetic material shaped by all of their thoughts and emotions. So it was the thoughts and emotions of your parents (and ancestors) that determined a lot of what you physically ended up with.

In other words: the genes you inherited can be changed.

And here’s why ...

What Epigeneticists are finding is that there are, in fact, key influencers that will literally change your genes. As it turns out, these ‘Epi’-influencers have nothing to do with the physiological DNA sequence you inherited from mom and dad.

In fact, studies have demonstrative conclusively that external factors – such as thoughts and emotions – can determine which genes, as well as which chromatic proteins within those genes, are activated, and which are not. These activation patterns, triggered by external-to-DNA-factors, are then preserved or maintained as soon as the cell divides. This effectively ‘locks in’ the new pattern, until you introduce different external factors in order to change the cells.

And when you think about a family, this really makes sense. Have you even noticed how, in a family, there could be 3 children, but only one inherits a certain trait from dad, but no one else does? Or the way one child will adopt mom’s attitudes or manners about certain things, while the others are ‘just like their dad’? Clearly there’s more at work here than a few sets of unchangeable, irreversible genes!

The Good News

So the good news in all of this is that if the thoughts and feelings you inherited from your parents and ancestors can impact you in a negative way, your own thoughts and feelings can have an influence on your well being in a positive way. This means it’s possible for you to change your biology back to a Natural Order of Health and Wholeness by changing your thoughts and feelings.

In my next blog post, "Your Belief = Your Reality", I'll dive deeper into the Father of Epigenetics, Dr. Bruce Lipton. We'll see how his research gives us clues as to how with can upgrade our reality by upgrading our belief system.

Image Credit: selectinsuregroup.com