Your Beliefs = Your Reality

Jun 30, 2023

Now I Know Why And How

In my last blog, "Beyond Mom & Dad's Genes", I mention Dr. Bruce Lipton as the Father of Epi-Genetics. He discovered that contrary to popular medical belief, it isn't genes that control biology, its the environment the genes that have the final say in how they will express themselves in each individual.

Later I'll tell you how this new science explained why the consciousness technology that was inspired by the higher dimensions works. Before then, I knew it worked because I could see the results, but I couldn't explain how and why. As an ascension coach, my clients want to know the why and the how. So it was an important discovery for m.

In his groundbreaking book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton, a renowned cell biologist and former medical researcher at Stanford University, explains the science behind how and why your genes and DNA do not control your biology.

Dr. Lipton’s experiments, and those of other epi-genetic researchers, have carefully studied the processes through which cells receive their information. The results of these studies have radically changed our understanding of how life ‘works’.

“Your DNA is controlled by signals outside your cells,
including the messages coming from your thoughts and emotions.”

They show conclusively that your DNA and genetic make-up do not control your biology, but that DNA is actually controlled by signals external to your cells. This includes the ‘messaging’ coming from your thoughts.

What this all means in plain English is that if you retrain your mind to create a healthier set of beliefs, you can literally change the physiology of your body.

Dr. Lipton did a number of experiments that revealed the following shocking information:

  1. That the membrane, or outer layer of each of your cells is the biological equivalent of a computer chip.
  2. This membrane is also each individual cell’s equivalent of an operating system, or put simply: a brain.

Other researchers’ studies have since validated Lipton’s conclusions.

Why is this so ‘shocking’? Because it stands in total opposition to one of the most beloved (but unproven) pieces of dogmatic belief in the biological sciences: that your genes control your body and your behavior.

Now we know that, like a computer chip, the cell membranes of your entire body can actually be reprogrammed ... in other words, your physiology can change based on your intentions or commands.

Your Beliefs = Your Reality

You see, traditional Cell Biology studies have focused solely on the physical molecules that control your biology. But Dr. Lipton focused, instead, on the mechanisms through which energy (in the form of your beliefs) can influence your genetic code.

This new understanding of the powerful effect your thoughts and beliefs have on your physical being has a very important implication with regard to conventional medicine for healing:

Alternative Therapies As Well As Energy Psychology Can Profoundly Affect Your Health,Your Happiness And Your Body’s Ability To Handle Stress.

Mind & Matter – The Definitive Link

We now know that there is a powerful, definitive link between Mind & Matter, and that your Thoughts, your Emotions and your Beliefs directly affect you at the most fundamental level - your cells.

Dr. Lipton explains in glorious detail the power of your thoughts and emotions to impact every aspect of your life. In other words, what you think and feel is now proven to be the dominant factor in the quality and possibilities for your health, your relationships, your work and your overall happiness.

His research has been hailed as a major breakthrough in our understanding of human health and happiness.  We now know that your body can be healed or changed based on changing the way you think. Your thoughts influence your emotions, which in turn, influence your behaviors.

The Good News

There is a way to quickly, easily and gracefully change your thoughts to create a new reality. In my next blog post, "Unique Consciousness Technology", I'll introduce a unique consciousness technology that steps you through the process of releasing your limiting beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. And gives you the opportunity to re-create your beliefs and reality so you can live your most excellent and fulfilling life.