Clearing Chakra Blocks: The Roadmap to Emotional and Mental Freedom

chakra healing clearing chakra blocks emotional mental detox energy healing expand consciousness raise vibration roadmap to emotional and mental freedom Sep 22, 2023

Clearing Chakra Blocks:

The Roadmap to Emotional and Mental Freedom

Last time, we discussed "Awakening to Your Highest Potential: A Spiritual Guide to Activate Your Spiritual DNA." Today, let’s explore how opening and balancing your chakras raises your vibration and expands consciousness. Clearing chakra blocks is the first part of the roadmap to emotional and mental freedom.

When I began working with chakra healing, I was amazed at how cleansing blocked energy from my chakras left me feeling lighter and freer. I also noticed how balancing my spin rate attuned me to receive and transmit higher positive frequencies.

Any stuck emotions, traumas or limiting beliefs lodged in your chakras can distort your energy field’s vibrational harmonics. It’s like strumming an out-of-tune guitar string. When you clear and balance your chakras, your inner music flows gloriously.

As your chakras activate fully, you gain access to new metaphysical senses and soul abilities. After activating my heart chakra more deeply through clearing past grief, I was suddenly able to perceive auras and channel healing energy through my hands!

Are you ready to unlock more of your subtle spiritual senses? Stay tuned next time as we explore embracing your wholeness by loving your shadow side.