Deprogramming The Six Core Subconscious Errors

ascension ascension coach authenticity bruce lipton deprogramming subconscious emotional mental detox Jul 21, 2023

Personal Transformation With Ascension Coaching

The Ascension Path has several steps along the way. The first, and most essential step, is to leave behind the old, obsolete third dimensional mindset. In my last blog post, entitled "Benefits of Detoxing Your Mind And Emotions", we explored how you will feel with the detox program is complete.

Now I want to dive deeper into the EMDetox Program itself and tell you what it includes and why I designed it this way.

Every human who grew up on this planet has six core subconscious issues, which you can also call programming errors. Why? Because our reality was high-jacked.

We have been led to believe in the Illusion of Separation. In other words, we see ourselves separate from each other; separate from the Creator; separate for our Blessed Mother Earth. Even our mind seems to operate separately from our heart, body and soul.

And in our most recent history, we've been dominated by the patriarchy. Male energy dominates female energy. The mind is valued over the heart. Intelligence is valued over intuition. Logic is valued over intuition. Doing is valued over being.

The Illusion of Separation, with masculine dominance is a FALSE SYSTEM that has caused the six core programming errors that caused our six core wounds. For this reason, I designed the Emotional Mental Detox (EMDetox) program to eliminate these programming errors so you can experience the connection to All That Is that you may feel is missing.

Introducing the Emotional Mental Detox Deprogramming +PLUS+ Kit

Each one of the 6 Guided Detox Meditations addresses one of the six core Programming Errors that all humans have in common. Detox limiting subconscious beliefs and the emotional pain that keeps you locked in stress, struggle and pain.

Plus 2 private phone calls with Suzanna to begin and complete your transformational journey.

The EMDetox Program Includes these sessions, in this sequence:

  1. Private Session #1 -- 30 Minute Private phone call with Suzanna to answer questions, set intentions, clear blocks to success and co-create a graceful transformation.
  2. Men & Masculine Energy Detox -- Deprogram anger, hatred and victimhood, betrayal. Replace distrust with self-confidence and integrity. Maintain healthy boundaries.
  3. Women & Feminine Energy Detox -- Deprogram fear of abandonment, betrayal and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity and receptivity.
  4. Fear Detox -- Deprogram anxiety, worry, terror, panic and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Express courage and enjoy empowerment.
  5. Pain Detox -- Deprogram hurt, pain, sorrow and grief and replace with deep compassion for yourself and others. Attract grace instead of dramas.
  6. Guilt Detox -- Deprogram judgment and blame patterns and release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner-critic and punisher.
  7. Lack Detox -- Deprogram lack, limitation and separation. Release false beliefs of unworthiness and embrace your true value as an infinite being of love and light.
  8. Private Session #2 -- 30 Minute private phone call to maximize your transformation. Clear up residue from the past. Move forward as the New True You on your Ascension Pathway to Paradise.

In my next blog post, "Praise For EMDetox", I'll share just a few of the 100s of testimonials that I received about this program over the past 20+ years.

Start your ascension journey with EMDetox today.