How To Dis-Create The Old Reality Using The Emotional Mental Detox Program

ascension conscious creation emotional mental detox thoughts create reality May 19, 2023

By Suzanna Kennedy

In my last blog entitled, How You Create Your Reality Bubble, I described the holographic nature of reality. And how you unconsciously created it in your first seven years of life by downloading everything going on in your environment. Based on what you observed and experienced, you formed beliefs about who you are and your relationship with the world. These beliefs became programs that projected the events of your life onto the holographic sphere of your reality.

The Obsolete Reality Bubble

Now you’ve come to the point where you have outgrown the programs you created. Not only that, but you recognize that these programs are limiting your ability to express your True Soul Essence. Do you long to shed these limitations and allow your true self to shine through so you can live authentically and fulfill your soul purpose?

There is a way. I created the Emotional Mental Detox program 20+ years ago. It helps you to deprogram your subconscious programming. And more than that, it helps you to neutralize emotional pain and trauma associated with the events that your limited programming created.

The Quick, Easy, Graceful Way To Go

Imagine lying down with your headset (easy) for one hour (quick) and listening to a soft, relaxing, loving feminine voice (graceful) guide you to simply imagine certain colors, shapes, and pictures; and then repeat specific, positive intentions, all while doing specific breathing techniques.

While you breathe, you listen to her voice describe how a high harmonic frequency is neutralizing all the resentment, anger, rage, hatred, and jealousy that you never fully expressed in your life. You hear how the harmonic frequencies are neutralizing the painful memories of abandonment, betrayal, rejection, and abuse.

You don’t have to remember the pain, you don’t have to feel it, you don’t have to talk about it, you don’t have to cry or yell, you don’t have to forgive or apologize, you don’t have to punch a pillow. Just listen, follow along, and breathe. Let the intentional commands guide the energy into a beautiful transformation.

Emotional Mental Detox Program

The Emotional Mental Detox Program consists of six detox sessions:

  1. Masculine Energy - Detox anger, hatred, victim-hood, and betrayal. Replace distrust with self-confidence and integrity. Maintain healthy boundaries.
  2. Feminine Energy - Detox fear of abandonment, betrayal, and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity, and receptivity.
  3. Fear Detox - Deprogram anxiety, worry, terror, panic, and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Express courage and enjoy empowerment.
  4. Pain Detox - Deprogram hurt, pain, sorrow, and grief and replace them with deep compassion for yourself and others. Attract grace instead of drama.
  5. Guilt Detox - Deprogram judgment and blame patterns and release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner critic and punisher.
  6. Lack & Separation Detox - Deprogram lack, limitation, and separation. Release false beliefs of unworthiness and embrace your true value as an infinite being of love and light.

The Emotional Mental Detox Program can be completed in six weeks. This is something your soul has been trying to get you to do for lifetimes!

In my next blog, How To Consciously Create Your Upgraded Personal Paradise, I’ll describe life after the Emotional-Mental Detox and how you can begin to create a new reality that you truly love living.