The First Step On Your Ascension Pathway

ascension coaching personal transformation spiritual growth Jun 02, 2023

Aligning With Higher Self Through Ascension Coaching

The first step on any journey is always the hardest. But it's also the most important, because if you don't take it you'll never get where you are going. Join me in this journey of Initiating Spiritual Growth with Ascension Coaching, where we confront our fears, clear our minds, and step onto the path of enlightenment. As an ascension coach, I know that when faced with this opportunity, the false ego (the one with all the programming errors) goes into self-defense mode. It believes it's job is to keep your self-identity the same as when you were seven years old. So the opportunity for personal transformation is seen at a giant threat to its very survival.

A Conversation With Your Ego

Relax, dear ego. We don't want to kill you. In fact, we recognize that you have done such a good job of protecting the program you constructed in childhood, that you deserve a promotion. We want you to graduate to the next level and protect an even more exciting self-identity.

So come with us, dear ego. And join us in taking the first step on the ascension pathway to Paradise.

Over the course of my next several blog posts, I will lay out, in detail, the first very important step in the ascension journey, which is deprogramming your subconscious mind and releasing your emotional baggage.

Blog topics include:

  1. The Revolution in Genetic Research
  2. Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life
  3. Going Beyond Mom & Dad's Genes
  4. Your Beliefs = Your Reality
  5. A Unique Consciousness Technology
  6. Benefits of Detoxifying Your Mind and Emotions
  7. Deprogramming The Six Core Subconscious Errors
  8. Praise For Emotional Mental Detox Program

In my next blog post, I'll present The Revolution In Genetic Research that explains how and why it is necessary possible to deprogram your subconscious mind. And why its even easier than deprogramming a computer.