Awakening to 5D: Your Guide to Ascending Consciousness

awakening to 5d co-create new earth higher self spiritual wisdom telepathic communication your guide to ascending consciousness Oct 20, 2023

Awakening to 5D:
Your Guide to Ascending Consciousness

We’re nearing the end of this ascension series: Awakening to 5D: Your Guide to Ascending Consciousness. We’ve covered a journey of subconscious healing, DNA activations, chakra balancing, embracing shadow, and aligning to soul purpose. In my last post we explored the the path to Sacred Union Relationships.. Now let’s put it all together and discuss anchoring your divine potential in all areas of life.

As I mastered residing in higher states of unconditional love, presence and service, I noticed my mystical gifts awakening. I can now easily tap into inner wisdom, communicate telepathically with my guides, and experience the magic of oneness with all life.

When centered in my higher self, I become a pillar of light assisting humanity’s ascension. And I have several groups who have journeyed together and now co-create with me in sacred service for humanity and Blessed Mother Earth

We each have a vital role in co-creating an enlightened paradise earth. What beautiful gifts are you here to share? I’m so grateful we’re birthing this new world together!

If this 8-part series piqued your interest, then you'll want to fully immerse yourself in the comprehensive wisdom within my new book, Sacred Union: Ascending To A 5D Paradise. This powerful resource distills decades of experience guiding thousands to embody their sacred wholeness, along with practical tools to catalyze your own transformative ascent.