Sacred Union Reprogramming

Illusion of Separation is the Root Cause of Suffering

Jan 06, 2020

©Suzanna Kennedy

What you see on the outside is a projection of what's in your inner world. Think of yourself as a projector. The spiritual essence of you is love and that’s the light that shines from the projector. It is passes through the film of your conscious and unconscious beliefs, patterns, programs and unexpressed emotions.

This film alters your perception of reality. It's your perception of reality that causes you stress, hurt, pain, illness or lack of love. It is difficult to change what’s happening on the outside. Believe it or not, it is much easier to change your beliefs and perceptions. Then the outside world MUST change to align with your new upgraded consciousness.  

We've all be programmed by society with the misconception called the Illusion of Separation. We perceive ourselves in separate bodies with empty space between us. We interpret this empty space as separation. But in truth there is an energetic web connecting us to each other, the Earth, the stars and all the plants and animals. 

The Theory of Evolution promotes the survival of the fittest mentality, pushing us toward competition rather than collaboration. We always want more, have more, make more and be more. This never enough feeling has led us away from each other. We feel separated from Source, our soul, each other and even our whole selves. Our mind is not connected to our heart. We feel disconnected from our bodies, emotions, soul and greater spiritual purpose. We feel separate from everything.

How is your projector working? What is being projected on your outside, in your outer world, that you would like to change? You are the writer, the director, the producer and the main actor in the holographic movie you call your life. How would you like to change the script? Go inside and look at the way separation is showing up in your life and how dissolving the Illusion of Separation could bring you more joy and abundance.

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