Prosperity Consciousness For Improved Manifestation Abilities

ascension coaching divine connection improve manifestation abilities inner peace prosperity consciousness Aug 25, 2023

Prosperity Consciousness For Improved Manifestation Abilities

In my last blog post, I discussed Integration Union as a true path for achieving spiritual growth and development. My ascension coaching for improved manifestation abilities always includes a distinction between Prosperity Consciousness and Lack Consciousness.

Lack Consciousness

I know people who have a lot of money but are miserly, stingy, and always worried about losing their wealth. They question whether someone loves them for themselves or their money. They are always expecting others to take them for granted or take advantage of them. Even though material wealth is present, lack consciousness hides in the background of their psyche.

Prosperity Consciousness

I know others, who even though they have very little material wealth are generous of heart and freely share their time, energy, and resources without hesitation.


It all comes down to TRUST. Do you trust in the flow of life force energy moving through you? Are you confident that whatever you need, want and desire will be delivered to you at the right time? Do you trust your ability to manifest what you need to fulfill your full potential?

Prosperity Consciousness is trusting in your ability to manifest what you need when you need it. When you open and trust the flow of life, abundance shows up in many ways. You receive an abundant flow of love, energy, creative ideas, and material objects that fill your life with beauty and comfort.

In fifth-dimensional reality, prosperity consciousness is necessary as 5D is ever-changing and not rigid as in 3D. In 3D we have bank accounts and save for a “rainy day”. In 5D love flows freely through you. You won’t need to accumulate a lot of money or stockpile for the future, because you trust the flow. Whatever you need comes to you at the right time and when you don’t need it anymore, you let it go. With prosperity consciousness comes inner peace as you trust your divine connection.