The Road Less Traveled: Overcoming Challenges in Spiritual Awakening

divine perfection embrace wholeness overcoming challenges in spiritual awakening shadow self spiritual psychology the road less traveled Sep 29, 2023

The Road Less Traveled:
Overcoming Challenges in Spiritual Awakening

In my last post, Clearing Chakra Blocks: The Roadmap to Emotional and Mental Freedom we’ve talked healing your energy body. And in previous posts, we touched on transforming limiting subconscious beliefs, and awakening your spiritual DNA. Now I invite you to experience the road less traveled through overcoming challenges in spiritual awakening. The first step is to integrate our shadow side to unlock greater wholeness.

I was shocked at how many hidden, suppressed parts of myself I discovered, including buried anger, jealousy, and unworthiness. By denying these shadows, I actually intensified and projected them externally. Owning them was scary, yet freeing!

For instance, I always saw myself as loving, but had rejected my own rage and pain. By releasing this long-held anger with compassion, I felt more space for my true loving essence to shine through.

Loving and accepting every sub-personality and emotion within you, whether judged good or bad, is profoundly liberating. How much energy is freed up when your ego no longer strains to disown aspects of your humanity?

Owning my full being unlocked my soul gifts as an intuitive healer and spiritual guide. When you no longer reject any part of yourself, you open the door to your higher purpose! In my next post, I will share more about that. Check out Reality Crafting 5.0: Where Mindfulness Meets Soul Purpose Manifestation.