Finding Your Soul Purpose

Dec 15, 2019

©Suzanna Kennedy

The world as we know it is coming to an end, and that’s a good thing! We are feeling this inner turmoil as the ground beneath us is shaking and shaking things up. We are feeling it in a variety of different ways. Many are in pain, struggling with stress, and recognizing they are their own worst enemies.

  • Are you looking for ways to let go of your own internal limitations? 
  • Are you feeling a calling to something more, something bigger?
  • Are you recognizing that you are much more than you ever thought you were? And there’s much more to life than you’ve been lead to believe?
  • Are you seeking your soul's purpose? 

I have embarked on this journey. I was married for twenty-two years, working in the corporate world, with two beautiful children. Despite having it all, I was feeling empty inside. I kept asking myself what my true purpose on this earth was.  I asked the question until I had an awakening. I discovered that who I thought I was, was wrong! I AM bigger, vaster, more loving and more wise than I had ever imagined. And SO ARE YOU.

Like me, you can let go of the programming, conditioning, past pain, sorrow, and anger. You can transcended that pain to connect with your higher self. Discover an inner wisdom to be a guiding force in your life.

My inner wisdom guided me outside of my comfort zone. My life and my love and my soul kept expanding as a result. I found my soul purpose on this journey. 

My soul purpose is  to help you find your soul purpose. The world needs you to be your True Self and share your unique soul gifts in sacred service. I invite you to allow me to support you through this transformation.

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