Stressed Out to Blissed Out

Jan 15, 2020

©Suzanna Kennedy

Did you have a peak spiritual experience and now you are struggling to get back to that blissed out state – and stay there? There’s a certain kind of spiritual pain that comes when you have a temporary peak experience and then fall back into “reality”. You’ve temporarily made a higher connection, felt the vastness of your love, wisdom and power. And now you are not comfortable in your own skin and not satisfied with business as usual.

You are not alone. All over the world our souls are sounding an alarm clock and waking us up to a more expanded perspective. Women who have figured out how to be successful in the masculine business world are feeling a sense of emptiness in the midst of their accomplishments. Men are looking for more meaningful purpose. 

And the temporary states of spiritual bliss are not enough to chase away the pervasive anxiety and depression that hangs like a cloud over much of the populace. WTF is going on? 

During my spontaneous kundalini awakening, I looked down at myself and saw an obsolete computer program that had constructed my self-identity – my ego. The program was so obviously obsolete, limited In scope and filled with absolutely false information. How could I have really believed that was me?

I could see from a more expanded perspective, a higher perch on the consciousness of my mind. But  how could I delete those old programs, the hidden files and the data stored in memory that seemed to validate the misinformation?

Good new! I did find a way to hack into the program of my subconscious mind and delete the old files. I installed new, upgraded programming that has eliminated the stress, struggle and pain in my life.

I can’t honestly say I am blissed out all of the time. But I can say that there is much more grace, ease, joy and love in my life. I’ve learned how to consciously create my reality and have manifested my version of Paradise on Earth.

We are going through a mass awakening. The planet itself, as a conscious being, is increasing its frequency. We are receiving high frequency energies from the Sun and the center of the galaxy that is awaken us from our sleep. Until now, we only know what we have been taught. We’ve been programmed to stay in a limited bandwidth of perception and we are starting to break free of that and open up our perception.

This experience can be very confusing and even result in anger at our conditioning and programming. I can help you on this journey from stressed out to blissed out and show you how you can trade in your sword, armor and shield for a magic wand of conscious co-creation and empowerment.

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