Symptoms Of Awakening Women

Dec 01, 2019

©Suzanna Kennedy

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you suspect that there is something more to life, to you, than what you were led to believe?
  • Are you starting to feel trapped by your own success and the successful lifestyle you’ve created?
  • Do you have it all and still feel empty and does that feeling cause guilt?

If your soul is telling you that you are meant for something greater, you are not alone. I help successful women trade stress for bliss.  You too can trade in your sword and shield for a magic wand of creativity and feminine power. You don’t have to be the weary warrior any longer. 

An alarm clock has been sounded and women all over the world are responding to this alert. Many awakening women are overwhelmed by this discovery and are unsure of what role they play or what steps to take.

  • Do you experience chronic depression, feel depleted despite a balanced life, or still long for more authentic connection and intimacy?
  • Are you searching for a romantic life partner who is your equal in every way and shares your passions and visions?
  • Does something new want to be born through you--a new project or career?

You may be feeling any or all awakening symptoms, and I have been on this journey that you are about to embark on. I am here to offer my love, guidance, and support to help you move into a graceful transformation into your most evolved, wise, loving self. Let’s go on this journey of empowerment together.

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