Thought Matters

conscious manifestation thought become things thoughts create reality Dec 10, 2018

©Suzanna Kennedy

So we have it then.
In the beginning there was you.

You are a golden being of crystalline light.
Radiance -- radiating.
Radiating love
into the infinite void.

And as love infinitely radiates
further and further out from its Source,
it waves.
It waves still.
It radiates still.

And as the essence of this infinite love
waves through your consciousness,
it illuminates your thought.

And as your thought becomes stronger,
as your attention to that thought expands,
so to does the illumination of that thought

The waves become particles
and the particles coalesce into matter.
The more attention you give,
the the more it matters.

What is your attention upon?
What is the infinite love,
that has no judgment,
bringing into form through you?

Is your attention upon that which you
want to bring into form?
What do you want to bring into form?


Love expressed as
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And So It Is.

Copyright 2018 Suzanna Kennedy