Are Solar Flares Leaving You Feeling Shaken, Not Stirred?

ascension coach ascension symptoms consciousness clearing Mar 07, 2024

Have you been feeling extra wonky lately? Emotions erratically surfing between crushing stress and blissed out joy? Old traumas scratching to be seen although you thought that scab healed years ago? Suddenly annoyed by that job, relationship, or living situation that used to feel tolerable? Surprising bouts of illness knocking on your door more often even though you've been a paragon of healthy living? You aren't losing it, I promise!

Those potent solar flare pings emanating straight from the heart of our sun aren't simply bombarding electronics - they're activating something inside you too! The cosmos sent a big old invitation to every particle of your being saying, "It's time to evolve darling! Shake off that heavy history keeping you small, scared and separate! I'm sending down some major detoxing juice so all that density doesn't follow you into the next dimension!"

Now the body and mind usually freak out a bit when confronted with this much high frequency all at once. Consider it an intense spiritual cleanse. Your physical cells are releasing long-held grief, fear and limiting beliefs rapidly so they become nimble conductors of more light! It can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, manifest pesky symptoms like colds or headaches, or even make you wonder if you should burn your whole life down when it gets really spicy. That's normal!

But what if you harnessed these energies instead of going down with the ship? What if you recognized you're leveling up, blasting through blocks on fast forward because you're a superhero finally waking up to your true mission? What if you had guidance from someone whose been down this road to hold your hand, translate the strong sensations, then show you how to flow the changes gracefully?

Well, I've got great news! After three decades traversing these transformational trails, I discovered a process helping thousands surfing similar massive waves of inner shifts progress with more clarity, resilience and empowerment. It's called "Recalibrate, Align and Harmonize" and I'll be teaching these advanced tools for working with intense ascension energies in an upcoming live online event so you have an easier journey!

If you're ready to stop fighting the current and let cosmic support usher you to higher ground, stay tuned! An exclusive invitation is heading to your inbox soon with all the details! Let's ride these transformational tides together with more grace, glee and gratitude! Your inner superhero can't wait to stop hiding!