The Science of Ascension: Merging Spirituality with Reality

manifest merging spirituality with reality quantum physics subconscious blocks subconscious limiting beliefs subconscious reprogramming the science of ascension Sep 08, 2023

The Science of Ascension:
Merging Spirituality with Reality

In my last post, Explore How to Expand Your Awareness with Personal and Spiritual Coaching, I shared my own winding path of spiritual growth and ascension. Now let’s explore transforming your subconscious mind...

I remember realizing that I carried limiting beliefs and self-defeating thought patterns that blocked me from creating the magical life my soul truly desired. To consciously manifest your dreams vs what the ego fears, it’s so important to identify and reprogram any subconscious blocks.

For instance, if you want greater joy and financial abundance, but subconsciously believe "I don't deserve it" or “It would separate me from others", your inner world will sabotage your positive intentions. Your subconscious is just trying to protect you based on past programming, but these old beliefs severely limit you!

I found through my personal integration process that there is a science of ascension, supported by quantum physics through merging spirituality with reality. The process unfolded and worked for me and hundreds of others just like me!

Imagine no longer recreating hardship based on patterns of lack, guilt or unworthiness. What blessings would you freely generate if these blocks dissolved? Perhaps you envision boldly sharing your soul gifts with the world through a new career. Or you see yourself traveling, learning and prospering within a community of spiritually-aligned friends. 

When you align with your higher truth vs the ego's fears, you can powerfully create the reality your soul truly desires! Stay tuned next time as I share how awakening your full spiritual DNA opened me to new levels of consciousness and inner wisdom.

I want you to know that you can experience the joy of merging spirituality with reality too!

In my next post, "The Science of Ascension: Merging Spirituality with Reality" I'll explore how the science of quantum physics supports ascending consciousness that spiritual masters have talked about throughout the centuries.