How To Consciously Create Your Personal Paradise

ascension authenticity conscious creation emotional mental detox manifesting soul purpose truth May 26, 2023
A Hand Up

By Suzanna Kennedy

When you complete The Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™ that I mentioned in my last blog,  How To Dis-Create The Old Reality Bubble. you’ll notice powerful, positive changes begin to unfold in your life. At first, these changes may seem subtle. But within a very short period of time, you can expect ...

  • Situations that used to trigger your anger, guilt, fear, or shame – don’t anymore.
  • You are less reactive, more present, and able to make conscious choices. 
  • You suddenly find that you are not afraid of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You are no longer seeking others’ approval.
  • You feel more confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • It’s easier to say what’s on your mind.
  • It’s easier to say no and set healthy boundaries.
  • It’s easier to claim your own time and space.
  • You feel more at peace with yourself and with the world.

The world hasn’t changed, but you find that your response to it is much easier, less reactive, more grounded, and centered. In other words: you respond to the world from a place of personal power, self-care, and inner ease.

The best part is that you have released your emotional triggers and the patterns they created. You no longer go into automatic reaction when your buttons are pushed. The truth is that your hot buttons go away. No one can push your buttons if you don’t have any, right?

With this release from past programming, you are now free to consciously create your version of Paradise on Earth. You find it easy to align your mind with your heart and soul.

You reprogram yourself by making new self-empowering decisions out of clear, confident inner knowing and desire. Day-by-day, step-by-step your new reality unfolds before you.

I love teaching Reality Crafting. Imagine your reality as a holographic bubble. Imagine each relationship and event in your life as an individual bubble within your greater reality bubble. You can isolate an aspect of your reality and upgrade it.

For example, say you have a tumultuous relationship with your father. Consequently, you realize that your all the male relationships in your life have followed a very similar pattern. 

You can imagine isolating a reality bubble that represents your relationship with your father and all men. Imagine inside the bubble runs a holographic movie of all of your interactions with men throughout your life. Now you send the frequency of Infinite Love into the bubble and love it all up.

Voila. The low-vibe energies of the past are transmuted into Infinite Love. Then take the bubble, now filled with Infinite Love, and hold it around you. Set an intention on how you want to experience your relationship with men. Feel it as if it is here right now. Feel the relief and gratitude. Then anchor it into your body and the Earth. You have just re-created your relationship with men.