Ascension Coaching Instead of Spiritual By-Passing

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By Suzanna Kennedy

Ascension Coaching Instead of Spiritual Bypassing

Have you heard of the term, “Spiritual Bypassing”? It is a false path to achieving spiritual growth and development.

In my last blog post, "Gaining Multi-Dimensional Awareness and Understanding", I told you about the spiritually nourishing conversation I had with a friend while enjoying a luncheon reunion. My friend shared her decision to stop seeing a man she was dating because she discerned that he was engaged in a lot of “spiritual bypassing”. A Google search returned this explanation:

“Spiritual bypassing is a way of hiding behind spirituality or spiritual practices. It prevents people from acknowledging what they are feeling and distances them from both themselves and others. Some examples of spiritual bypassing include: Avoiding feelings of anger. Believing in your spiritual superiority as a way to hide from insecurities.”

My friend told me she was originally attracted to this gentleman because he seemed like “a spiritual man”. He meditated every day, attended spiritual retreats in Bali, and hosted spiritual gatherings in his beautiful home, filled with spiritual artwork. Even so, she noticed he was easily triggered into emotional reactions, seemed generally mistrustful, and seemed to always assume the worst in people.

Spiritual bypass is a form of transcendence. And it is important to understand the difference between transcendence and integration as pathways to spiritual development.


The gentleman in question was practicing transcendence, or spiritual by-pass, which is the act of rising above something to a superior state.

I have seen similar behavior from students of the Law of Attraction who employ positive thinking for improving manifestation abilities and success. In this case, one transcends the negative thoughts, and emotions by using some kind of spiritual tool such as positive affirmations, yoga, meditating, or listening to high vibe music. The negative thoughts or emotions are not addressed head-on. There is no effort to find the cause or deal with the underlying triggering issue.

In the transcendence pathway, emotional healing and spiritual growth are bypassed because the underlying issues are still there, hidden, and suppressed.

By transcending (ignoring) these underlying issues, they will continue to come to the surface of your consciousness and may even continue to cause drama. At the end of your life, these unhealed issues go with you and you find that little, if any, soul evolution has been achieved.

My Emotional Mental Detox program has helped many people release their pent up anger and the associated triggers buried in their subconscious programming. It helps to eliminate the negative thinking and heals the unexpressed trauma so they stop attracting uncomfortable people and situations. Check out these testimonials here:

In my next blog post, I’ll present Integration Union as a true path for achieving spiritual growth and development.