A Unique Consciousness Technology

ascension authenticity belief bruce lipton emotional mental detox Jul 07, 2023

A Unique Consciousness Technology

In my last blog post, "Beliefs = Reality", I promised to tell about a unique consciousness technology that can help you to upgrade your beliefs, which will upgrade your reality. It's a program I created in 1998 called Emotional Mental Detox or EMDetox for short.

This consciousness technology available to you that makes it quick, easy and graceful to create significant, permanent changes to your consciousness – and your life!

Thanks to the scientific clarity we now have about how your cells operate, it’s easy to understand how and why the consciousness technology of the Emotional ~ Mental Detox Program™ works.

Frequency + Intention + (Visualization & Breath Work) = Cellular Change

Just as Dr. William Tiller demonstrated in his studies, a combination of the Right Frequency and Intention can make lasting change. Add to this, the Power of Visualization, to actually tell the body WHAT to change, and a breath work designed to move the old, unwanted frequencies OUT of your body, and you’ve got nothing less than transformation on a cellular level.

Powerful Permanent Detoxification of Your Emotions & Mind

The first step in any ascension process is always to release the old obsolete at mental and emotional attachments to the reality you want to rise up out of. The Emotional Mental Detox Program™, is a miraculous self-healing method that allows you to make permanent, positive change in your life – all the way down to your cells. The program is a unique combination of the right harmonic frequency, intention, breath work and imagery, delivered in a guided meditation format.

You don’t have to be an experienced meditater to benefit from this technology, because the frequency and intention work, even if you drift off or cannot visualize during the meditation session.

Guided meditations can be delivered in person, over the phone or as a recording. They are just as powerful over long distances. And the recordings have proven to be just as effective as a live delivery.

Practical Application for Systematic Release

The Emotional Mental Detox Program™, goes a step further than Dr. Bruce Lipton’s evidence of the mind-matter link. The program actually applies the science to practical use so you can integrate it into your life. It leads you through the process of changing the negative mental and emotional messages to your cells.

The meditations guide you to systematically release and replace unconscious beliefs and perceptions. You replace the beliefs that cause stress, struggle, separation, pain, illness and conflict with beliefs that promote balance, flow, ease and grace. You release the pain in your heart and the associated ‘imprints’ within your cells.

This allows you to open, connect deeply and create more intimacy and authenticity in yourself and in your relationships with others. In my next blog post, "Benefits Of Detoxing Your Mind And Emotions", I share the many ways1000s of client in the past 20 years have upgraded their lives with this unique and simple, yet powerful consciousness technology.